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Night Owl (1993)

Great Nudity!
  • Genres: Horror
  • Director: Jeffrey Arsenault
  • Rated: NR
  • Home Release: 01/27/2004
  • Countries: USA
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New York City is a crucible of humanity. The megalopolis is the perfect art-film location--a living metaphor of greed and lust confined within an overcrowded behavioral sink. Manhattan’s funky, junkie-strewn East Village is the setting for Night Owl (1993). A blood-sucking son of Dracula is loose in the bohemian enclave, seducing young maidens, slaying them while making love, then gulping down their still-warm hemoglobin. The vampire’s activities could go unnoticed for years on end in this...

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Top Scenes

Night murako1 large 3
Nude, breasts 00:24:00 It's black and white and it's grainy, but you definitely see her very nice rackage as she puts on her robe. Why must the moviemakers sacrifice a good clear tit shot for the sake of artsiness? (11 secs)
Night wexl1 large 3
Nude, breasts 00:12:00 Karen serves up a hearty, nutritious meal of her upper torso meat when she and her dude make out in the kitchen. (52 secs)
Night wexl2a cmb large 3
Nude, breasts, bush 00:15:00 Karen's killer is kind enough to mop the blood off her boobies so we can get a good peek, but then he covers 'em back up with a garbage bag. Dang. (1 min 11 secs)
Night thomas1 large 3
Sexy, underwear 00:00:00 Ali Thomas is skintastic in this sexy scene! (49 secs)
Night thomas2 large 3
Nude, breasts 00:38:00 This Night Owl shows her hooters when she sits up after sleeping on the floor. (46 secs)
Night thomas3 large 3
Nude, breasts 00:51:00 Her murderer takes a nice hearty bite out of her neck, and dribbles the blood all over her lifeless right lobber. This might be kinda gross if that tit didn't look so good! (11 secs)


Suzen Murakoshi

Nude - as Woman at Barbreasts

2 Pics & 1 Clip
Karen Wexler

Nude - as Zohrabreasts, bush

8 Pics & 2 Clips
Ali Thomas

Nude - as Annebreasts, underwear

6 Pics & 3 Clips

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