melancholia 2
Danish aerophobe Lars Von Trier may be an insufferable jerk who hates everyone, especially his critics (and oh, do they hate him right back), but damned if his movies aren't chock full of nudity. The trailer for Von Trier's new movie, Melancholia, has been released and it looks very, very promising for fans of Kirsten Dunst, who was recently skinitiated into the world of nude acting with her topless scene in All Good Things.

Melancholia stars Dunst as a reluctant bride celebrating her marriage at the home of her sister (Charlotte Gainsbourg). Threatening the happy day is a mysterious red star, which is rapidly headed towards the earth. Melancholia is being billed as a "psychological disaster movie," and is being released in the UK on July 1. (The film has been picked up for distribution in the US, but doesn't have a firm release date yet.)

If the trailer is any skindication, Melancholia won't leave you blue on the nudity front. 1 minute and 14 seconds in, we get a faraway flash of full frontal nudity; we're not sure if it's Kirsten's keyster, but it certainly is a fully nude blonde woman! Then at 1 minute, 39 seconds, we get a pendulous side boob that is most certainly Kristen's as she bends nude over a bathtub. And this is just the trailer!

Our crack team of nippleologists is analyzing the footage for hints of Kirsten's sweater kittens, so stay tuned on's Kirsten Dunst page!