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New and Nudeworthy on Netflix 11.14.12 [PICS]

Wed, Nov 14, 2012 @ 12:00pm by Skin Central (1 Comment)

Fast forwarding to the good parts is a way of life, but sometimes we’re willing to sit through all that pesky plot when nude scenes are waiting. This week on Netflix the offerings include bountifully stacked bombshell Brigitte Skay in Twitch of the Death Nerve (1971), a.k.a. Bay of Blood:


and the very good things of stripper Kobé Tai in Very Bad Things (1998).


Then there’s a full-length lesbian lickathon in Better Than Chocolate (1999):


forbidden (and full frontal) obsession in Zusje (1996):

van Kooten

and heaving horror hoots in Parasitic (2010).


Check in next Wednesday for the latest and greatest Netflix skin, right here at the Mr. Skin blog!


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Losing the election is actually a plus. Now I have more masturbation time with these hotties! Go Republicans!!

Mitt Romneys Nutsack @ 6:56PM on November 15, 2012

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