Mr. Skin's Top 50 Sexiest TV Shows of All Time - Part Five

This is it! Mr. Skin’s picks for the Top 10 Sexiest TV Shows of All Time. Talk about lust-see TV! Come count down the cream of the boob tube crop all the way to number one!!

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10_thegirlsnextdoor10. The Girls Next Door (2005-?)

Network: E!

Tele-Visions: Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt, Kendra Wilkinson,

Skinopsis: Skinside the Playboy mansion with Hugh Hefner’s trio of 21st-century foxy girlfriends.

What’s Hot: Playboy Playmates. Close quarters. Hot friends dropping by (and stripping down). When the Girls Next Door move in, here comes the neighborhood.

Sexy Clip:

09_dreamon9. Dream On (1990-1996)

Network: HBO

Tele-Visions: Catherine Bell, DeDee Pfeiffer, Heidi Sorenson, Barbara Alyn Woods, Denice Duff

Skinopsis: Martin Tupper (Brian Benben) is a Chicago book editor with an active imagination (which we see depicted by clips of old movies and TV shows) and an even more active sex life (which we see depicted by nude starlets in every episode)

What’s Hot: Tuning into Dream On means seeing naked boobs – every episode, every time. That the show is funny and likable and had a charming gimmick works in its favor, but it was the guaranteed naked babes that makes this Mr. Skin’s all-time favorite tit-com.

Sexy Clip:

08_redshoediaries8. Red Shoe Diaries (1992-1999)

Network: Showtime

Tele-Visions: Joan Severance, Denise Crosby

Skinopsis: An ambitious anthology series created by erotic visionary Zalman King, featuring David Duchovny as a journalist poring over “true confession” letters from female readers – most of whom had just been “sexually awakened.”

What’s Hot: Glossy, glamorous softcore from a true master of the form, featuring a stunning combination of name starlets and up-and-comers in slickly sensual vignettes that leave no aspect of female sensuality unturned (on). Breast of all, Red Shoe Diaries launched its own sex siren for the ages in the flawless form of Joan Severance.

Sexy Clip:

Tell Me You Love Me7. Tell Me You Love Me (2007)

Network: HBO
Tele-Visions: Sonya Walger, Ally Walker, Michelle Borth, Jane Alexander

Skinopsis: Couples therapy gets laid bare – as do the couples involved -- in the most sexplicit dramatic series ever broadcast.

What’s Hot: Series regulars Sonya Walger, Ally Walker and Michelle Borth bare every inch of their naked beings in sex couplings so intense that even their 60-something therapist (Jane Alexander) gets in on the action and out of her pantsuit!

Sexy Clip:

06_californication6. Californication (2007-?)

Network: Showtime

Tele-Visions: Madeline Zima, Brooke Taylor, Paula Marshall, Rachel Miner, Michelle Nordin

Skinopsis: David Duchovny plays a Bear State writer who’s hooked on getting nubiles into a bare state of their own.

What’s Hot: Ladies love David Duchovny under any circumstances and, on Californication, naked ladies really go nuts for the dude. Like Dream On before it, Californication would be a worthwhile endeavor even without the boobs-in-every-episode gimmick, but think about that: there are boobs in every episode! Unlike Dream On, however, the modern hotties of Californication go beyond T&A into way-explicit sexual revelations. If recent headlines are any indication, it might appear that the series’ central figure was bringing work home with him … or at least to his trailer.

Sexy Clip:

05_entourage5. Entourage (2004-?)

Network: HBO

Tele-Visions: Emmanuelle Chriqui, Carla Gugino, Malin Akerman, Holly Valance, Beau Garret

Skinopsis: Queens mooks go Hollywood after one of them (Adrien Grenier) hits big as a movie actor. Jeremy Piven makes for an unforgettably asshole-ish agent.

What’s Hot: The wettest dreams of horny young dudes worldwide come true (and hard) on Entourage, as a quartet of regular joes gets let loose on Tinseltown’s T&A-list. Most episodes feature strippers or party girls (or both) baring skin, which only adds to the impact when Entourage’s featured female characters join in the knockout nudity.

Sexy Clip:

04_charliesangels4. Charlie’s Angels (1976-1981)

Network: ABC

Tele-Visions: Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith, Cheryl Ladd, Tanya Roberts, Shelley Hack

Skinopsis: “Once upon a time, there were three little girls who went to the police academy, and they were each assigned very hazardous duties. But I took them away from all that, and now they work for me. My name is … Mr. Skin!”

What’s Hot:
Look at that cast, and then add Kate Jackson as the brains of the outfit. Plus Bosley; he was cool, too. Charlie’s Angels was specifically concocted to showcase the sexiest women of the day in tight-fitting clothes and dangerous situations wherein bouncing, bending and, in the series literal high-point – Farrah slipping her milk-faucet the women-in-prison episode “Angels in Chains” -- baring their gorgeous bodies.

Sexy Clip:

03_thelword3. The L Word (2004-?)

Network: Showtime

Tele-Visions: Katherine Moenigg, Mia Kirshner, Leisha Hailey, Lauren Lee Smith, Kristanna Loken

Skinopsis: It’s a Los Angeles lesbopalooza as ladies who love ladies meet and meat in skintertwining Sapphic storylines.

What’s Hot: It’s a girl-girl world on The L Word, where every woman you see loves lesbian sex and all the lesbian sex you see is lusciously naked. Boasting a regular cast of ravishers, The L Word has also become a passionate rite-of-passage for established guest stars who are all too eager to get nude and get it on with a magnificent member of their own gender.

Sexy Clip:

02_nypdblue2. NYPD Blue (1993-2005)

Network: ABC

Charlotte Ross, Sharon Lawrence, Kim Delaney, Amy Brenneman, Andrea Thompson

Skinopsis: Detective Andy Sipowicz (Dennis Franz) patrols the Big Apple with a series of partners and finds, in this glandmark police drama, that the titty never sleeps.

What’s Hot: Forget about the Blue Wall of Silence, after watching the seminal Nude York cop drama NYPD Blue, audiences were screaming in ecstasy. That’s because this was the first network program to break the skin barrier. What began as a realistic slice of police life has increased the hottie quota with each passing season. Yes, there are eight million stories in the naked city, and they are all exposed here.

Sexy Clip:

01_baywatch1. Baywatch (1989-2001)

Network: Syndicated

Tele-Visions: Pamela Anderson, Carmen Electra, Yasmine Bleeth, Traci Bingham, Gena Lee Nolin

Skinopsis: Mitch (David Hasselhoff) guards lives on the beach. He has some ladies on hand who help patrol the ever-tumultuous shores of Southern California (at first) and Hawaii (later on). Perhaps you might have noticed them.

What’s Hot: The ultimate jiggle-TV juggernaut, a seaside assault of buxom beachfronts (often in slow-motion) wrapped tight and sent bouncing in the show’s trademark red swimsuit. Baywatch lorded over by creator and head-lifeguard-in-charge David Hasselhoff, and launched a tidal wave of T&A-list starlets unequaled in boob tube history.

Sexy Clip:

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