The Brian DePalma thriller Passion (2012) is out in theaters this week, featuring plenty of psycho-sexual lesbian action between Noomi Rapace and Rachel McAdams. Plus, Kristen Bell finally dips her toe into nudity in The Lifeguard (2013), baring butt 48-minutes in, and giving up a splash of sideboob at the 57-minute mark.

With all these big names hitting theaters, we almost forgot about the limited release of Afternoon Delight (2012). Just kidding, we would never forget about the perfect boobs on Juno Temple!


RapaceThe rivalry between an ad exec and her ambitious protege takes a turn for the Sapphic in Brian De Palma's Passion (2012). The usually squeaky-clean Rachel McAdams stars as Christine, an advertising executive who's willing to do anything to climb the corporate ladder...including playing manipulative mind games with her underling, campaign copywriter Isabelle James (Noomi Rapace). And because this is a Brian DePalma movie, those mind games are of the sexual-thriller variety, specifically lesbian lip locks between Rachel, Noomi and co-star Karoline Herfurth, with a nice cell-phone topless pic from Noomi 12 minutes in as the icing on this carpet-munching cake. Mr. Skin has a Passion for ladies mashin' lips!

See the trailer for Passion here

BellA former valedictorian tries to re-create her high school life in The Lifeguard (2013). Over-achiever Leigh (Kristen Bell) has an enviable career as a reporter in New York City, but behind her glamorous facade she's hiding a secret: she's utterly miserable. So she quits her job and goes back to her hometown in Connecticut, the last place she truly felt happy. First she regains her teenage job as a lifeguard, but Leigh's regression isn't truly complete until she strikes up a passionate but dangerous affair with teenage stud Todd (Martin Starr). It might not seem like much, but from the notoriously nudity-shy Kristen her bare butt getting screwed on a sink 48 minutes in, as well as her plentiful swimsuit and sideboob scenes, is a revelation. She can give us mouth-to-mouth any time!

See the trailer for The Lifeguard here

TempleA frustrated housewife takes on a stripper as her personal project in Afternoon Delight (2012). Rachel (Kathryn Hahn)'s sex life with her husband Jeff (Josh Radnor) is practically non-existent, so she organizes an outing to a strip club that she believes will "spice up" their marriage. There she gets a lap dance from the seductive McKenna (Juno Temple); intrigued by the blonde pixie, she returns the next day...and invites McKenna to come move in with her and Jeff. Whether it's morning, noon, or night, Mr. Skin likes to see bare flesh, and both leading ladies oblige: Juno at the 56-minute mark, and Kathryn at the 1-hour and 1-hour, 38-minute marks. Afternoon Delight won't make your son set.

See the trailer for Afternoon Delight here