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Midnight Crossing (1988) Nude Scenes

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Midnight Crossing (1988) is an odd duck. The plot about a group of adventurers who sneak into Cuba to recover $1 million hidden when Fidel Castro took power is normal enough. What's strange is that Kim Cattrall, an act-chest never too shy about showing off her assets, has a body double expose her floppers rather than Kim's kitties coming out to play. Weirder … Become a Mr Skin Member and get the full review

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Kim Cattrall as Alexa Schubb NBD* body double, breasts 4 9

Kim Cattrall … Alexa Schubb


body double, breasts
BODY DOUBLE: Crisstyn Dante provides some Stunt Titty for Kim Cattrall during this sex scene with John Laughlin... (42 seconds)

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