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Midnight Confessions (1994) Nude Scenes

Midnight Confessions boxcover Buy DVD
  • Rating: Great Nudity!
  • Genres: Action, Drama
  • AKA: Voices of Seduction
  • Director: Allan Shustak
  • Rated: R
  • US DVD Release: July 7th, 1998
  • Country: USA
Naturally curvaceous Carol Hoyt plays Vanessa, a wee-hours radio-talk-show hostess who specializes in sex in the erotic thriller Midnight Confessions (1995). The job is good, ratings are high, the audience gets off on the show, and, breast of all, we get to see a lot of naked female callers live out their fantasies. All seems well until some nut with a penchant for … Become a Mr Skin Member and get the full review

Skin Celebs

Celeb Nudity Description Clips Pics
Anastasia Alexander as Britt Nude breasts, bush 3
Lisa Comshaw as Allyn Nude breasts, bush
Diana Cuevas as Candice Nude breasts, butt 2
Alexa Fiery as Nikki Nude breasts 3
Carol Hoyt as Vanessa Nude breasts, butt 8
Monique Parent as Joni Nude breasts, bush 1
De'Ann Power as Mrs. Rachel Parker Nude breasts 4
Amy Rochelle as Renee Nude breasts, bush 11
Julie Strain as Mariana Nude breasts, butt 5

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