M-Rod in bed“I like women like Angelina Jolie,” she hints.

As Tila Tequila makes fake wedding plans with her lesbian lover Courtenay Simmels former lesbian lover Casey Johnson and Hollywood keeps cranking out the sex tapes, total non-lesbian Michelle Rodriguez has something she wants to say.

"If I wanted to tell people what I do with my vagina, I'd have made a sex video a long time ago,” screeched the Lost beauty.

Sexual experts, or “sexperts,” agree that a Michelle Rodriguez sex tape would almost certainly tell people what she did with other women’s vaginas (possibly Kristanna Loken’s), but that’s not the point.

“Largely, people don't know the whole story about anything,” Michelle lectures the world at large, “but still they need to put a name on it so they can label it and put it on the side and not dedicate any time to figuring it out. It's laziness."

Is it lazy to demand that actresses distribute explicit videos of themselves engaged in sex acts on the Internet?

Or is it lazy not to?

"I like women like Angelina Jolie,” explains M-Rod (who was once arrested for getting into a dildo fight with her female “roommate”), “because of her ability to harness masculine and feminine energy into one.”

Is that something a lesbian would say?

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