Vieira 2Eagle-eyed cougar fans had a very good morning yesterday when Meredith Vieira stood up a little too quickly on Today. Joking around with co-host Matt Lauer, Meredith exclaimed "I'm leaving now!" and uncrossed her legs, giving an exclusive interview with her beige panties before standing up and scurrying out of frame.

Usually Meredith is very buttoned-up on camera- this is the first "wardrobe malfunction" we have seen from the polished, pretty 57-year-old, making the thrill of the peek that much more skintillating. We found out about the upskirt from our friends over at Egotastic!, but Mr. Skin's got the exclusive clip- check it out in Skinvision over on our brand-spanking new Meredith Vieira page!

Vieira 3

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