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Memory Run (1996) Nude Scenes

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It's the year 2015, and The Life Corporation has discovered the secret to skin-mortality in Memory Run (1996). Using former MTV VJ double D-light Karen Duffy as its guinea pig, they transplant the brain of a man falsely accused of murdering her into her killer body. Upon regaining consciousness, her head is filled with the thoughts of the disgruntled dead man, which sends … Become a Mr Skin Member and get the full review

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Celeb Nudity Description Clips Pics
Karen Duffy as Celeste / Josette NBD* body double, breasts, butt 1 2
Torri Higginson as Kristen Nude+NBD* body double, breasts 1 6

Karen Duffy … Celeste / Josette


body double, breasts, butt
BODY DOUBLE?: Karen Duff-y lives up to her name as she shows a spectacular duff and partial left joobie several times as she gets soundly porked. You can't see her face, though. Highly suspect. (68 seconds)

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Torri Higginson … Kristen


body double, breasts
BODY DOUBLE?: Torrid Torri cowgirls some lucky clown in the sack as a coveteous lady looks on. Torri bares right reelanger several times, but is it hers? (30 seconds)

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