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Did you know that Maya Zapata appeared in the "Angel de Amor" music video for Mana? Do you know who Mana is? Do you care? Well, you should, if only because they provide a nice look at this small-breasted Lustina. But for a better look start with Herod's Law (2000), which must have something to do with being naked. De la calle (2001) gives us a breaster view, while Caribe (2004) brings out her splendid ass. Bordertown (2006) returns to the jug-eye view, which was most recently peeked in La...

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Bordertown zapata1 large 3
Bordertown (2006) Nude, breasts 00:07:00 Nice silhouetted of Maya's right mammola when some creepo gives her a smack and leans in for a suck. Viva Zapata! (13 secs)
Caribe zapata1 large 3
Caribe (2004) Sexy, underwear 00:00:00 Maya Zapata is skintastic in this sexy scene! (21 secs)
Caribe zapata2 large 3
Caribe (2004) Nude, breasts 00:39:00 Peep through a doorway and you'll see Maya's man chowing down on her choice chooblies. (32 secs)
Delacalle zapata2 large 3
De la calle (2001) Nude, breasts 00:48:00 Maya and her man make out., and she takes off her shirt to give her puppies some air. Viva Zapata! (35 secs)
Delacalle zapata1 large 3
De la calle (2001) Sexy 00:00:00 Maya Zapata is skintastic in this sexy scene! (37 secs)
Caribe zapata3 large 3
Caribe (2004) Nude, butt 00:57:00 Bikini then buns walking away with her guy (1 min 7 secs)
Lasorpresa zapata 1 large 3
La Sorpresa (2007) Nude, breasts 01:03:00 Some bobbing right boob as Maya enjoys a hearty hump in the bed. Viva Zapata . . . and her tit! (36 secs)


La Sorpresa (2007) - as Selena

Bordertown (2006) - as Eva

Caribe (2004) - as Irene

De la calle (2001) - as Xóchitl

Herod's Law (2000) - as Chencha

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