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Maria's Lovers (1984) Nude Scenes

Maria's Lovers boxcover Buy DVD
  • Rating: Great Nudity!
  • Genres: Drama, Romance
  • Director: Andrei Konchalovsky
  • Rated: R
  • Theatrical Release: January 15th, 1985
  • US DVD Release: December 26th, 2001
  • Country: USA

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When her damaged former sweetums, John Savage, finally returns home from World War II, Maria (Nastassja Kinski) is ready, willing, and nubile, and she's thrilled to become the hottest bride in the newly free world. But nothing comes easy for the characters in Maria's Lovers (1984)—their wedding night is a mess thanks to John's cracked brain, which is full of memories of a … Become a Mr Skin Member and get the full review

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Nastassja Kinski as Maria Bosic Nude breasts 1 8

Nastassja Kinski … Maria Bosic


Nasty-tassja pulls down her top to expose her teeny right beanbag and does a little shimmy in front of the mirror, then does a distinctly different kind of self-shimmying on the bed, showing a bit more tit. (80 seconds)

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