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Malisa first appeared on the Silver Screen in her native Italy as “Girl” in the 1968 thriller Nude… si muore and contrary to the title, remained clothed throughout. In fact, throughout turns in such innuendo-laden films as Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Fifth Floor Neighbour, Sexy Sinners and Line Up and Lay Down, Malisa kept herself pretty well covered up. That is until she landed a part in 1972’s La Bella Antonia, prima Monica e poi Dimonia, which was released in Britain as “Naughty Nun… Malisa...

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Bef longo1 large 3
Beffe, licenze et amori del Decamerone segreto (1972) Nude, breasts 00:16:00 A rabid, roving band of hot chicks tears off Malisa's clothes to expose her upper orbs for all to see. Awesome, awesome, awesome! (22 secs)
Bella longo1 large 3
La bella Antonia, prima Monica e poi Dimonia (1972) Nude, breasts, butt 00:34:00 Malisa's billowy, skimpy little nightie allows for some graciously gratiutous flashes of her tiny tush and bitty bobblers as she walks around the room with Tubby McGee in her bed. (19 secs)
Bella longo3 large 3
La bella Antonia, prima Monica e poi Dimonia (1972) Nude, breasts 00:10:00 Her moustached lover removes her clothes, exposing boss boobages, but a stupid pitcher obscures her kitty! Arrrgh! (37 secs)
Mean machine longo3 large 3
Ricco the Mean Machine (1973) Nude, breasts 01:16:00 A group of scuzzbags drag Malisa, with her beautiful breasts bare, from a room with bad thoughts on their minds. (10 secs)
Girls longo2a cmb large 3
The Line Up and Lay Down (1973) Nude, breasts, butt, bush 01:09:00 Malisa's moustachioed man makes love to her 3-B-baring form . . . through the safety of a plastic chair. Now that's what I call safe sex! (3 mins 29 secs)
Bella longo2 large 3
La bella Antonia, prima Monica e poi Dimonia (1972) Nude, butt 00:09:00 Very brief look at her tight little tail as some dude runs his hands up her dress. I wish this scene were Longo! (33 secs)
Elsaf longo2 large 3
Elsa Fräulein SS (1977) Nude, breasts, bush 01:01:00 It's Das Boobs for Malisa, who whips out her quivering pair and flashes a hint of hair-hole having sex on a table. (56 secs)
Girls longo1a cmb large 3
The Line Up and Lay Down (1973) Nude, breasts 00:54:00 Malisa gets caught in the act with her tits out, by an angry man inexplicably sporting Gene Shalit facial hair. (1 min)


A Cat in the Brain (1990) - as Katya Schwarz

The Red Monks (1988) - as Priscilla

Miranda (1985) - as NA

La dottoressa ci sta col colonello (1980) - as Giovanna Punzone

Elsa Fräulein SS (1977) - as Elsa Ackermann

El macho (1977) - as NA

Emmanuelle bianca e nera (1976) - as White Emanuelle

Il domestico (1974) - as Esther

Scandal (1971) - as Cristiana

Blindman (1971) - as Mail-order bride

Naked You Die (1968) - as Girl

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