Love: All the Graphic Nude Scenes


Argentinian director Gaspar Noe is something of an enfant terrible in world cinema. His 2002 film Irreversible shocked the world with its graphic depictions of violence, but he's one-upped everything with his latest film, 2015's Love 3D. The film, which was shot and intended to be seen in 3D, features real, penetrative sex and full nudity from a quartet of actors! Aomi Muyock leads the way with close to a dozen different sex and nude scenes, baring all three of her Bs, letting herself be fingered, and even participating in a 6-minute long threesome to open the film alongside similarly nude co-star Klara Kristin! Transgendered actress Stella Rocha also gets in on the act, showing off her fantastic body in a lengthy nude scene! Any way you slice it, we think that you'll love Love!


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