Last week on the Mr. Skin blog we posted the trailer for the new arthouse mope-fest Melancholia, directed by Antichrist's Lars Von Trier. At the time we weren't sure if a faraway woman lying nude on a rock was the film's star, Kirsten Dunst, a body double, or another character entirely. Well, Mr. Skin's crack team of nippleologists have skinspected the footage, and they're saying that's definitely Kirsten displaying FFN in that shot. Let's indulge in a quick round of com-bare and contr-ass, shall we?

The shot in the trailer:

Dunt melancholia 1

The same shot, zoomed in:

Dunt melancholia 2

Those certainly look like Kirsten's high cheekbones and full funbags to us! What do you think?

Kirsten's career has taken a skinteresting trajectory recently; though she's been acting in films since she was a child, she only started doing nude scenes last year, at age 28. She appeared topless in All Good Things (2010), and now we've (probably) got Ms. Dunst's cunst free from its lingerie cage. Must be all of that, how you say, European influence.