alba spanked 1

That's a Paddlin'

Jessica Alba has always inspired plenty of spanking. But we've never seen Jessica Alba getting spanked!

Alba, always quick to complain about only being offered "sexy" roles, stars in the upcoming movie The Killer Inside Me. And from the look of the pics and clips from the flick, a killer isn't the only thing inside Jessica's character. A masochist lives in there too.

The Killer Inside Me isn't schedule to be released until 2010, but the hype begins now with some eye-popping caps and a clip of Jess getting her cheeks chapped by Casey Affleck. A few of the shots allegedly include Alba's lovely face and that scrumptious butt in the same frame, but after close skinalysis, the Skin Lab was unable to confirm that the face and fanny were not attached to a body double. Check out the clip here, and let us know what you think—is that Jessica Alba's naked butt or not?