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Jenny McCarthy to Sport Full Furburger in Playboy Pictorial [PIC]

Mon, Jun 11, 2012 @ 4:15pm by Skin Central (4 Comments)

McCarthy PlayboyGreat news, furburger fans! Jenny McCarthy is going old school for her upcoming Playboy shoot.

Jenny has confirmed that she will be going full frontal for her sixth appearance on the pages of the iconic men's mag, and just like in her famous '90s centerfolds (like the soapy shot at left, from October 1993), she'll be growing out her muff-stache for the occasion.

People Magazine isn't our usual source for celebrity pube news, but yesterday Jenny was quoted in the most wholesome of celebrity mags on the topic of trim:

"What's everything?" she asked when asked if she would bare it all. "I mean, I grew out a bush so nobody sees anything."

Wow, we never realized the whole point of bush was to act as a cloaking device. If that's the case, then the CIA needs to recruit Demi Moore circa 1979, ASAP. You could lose your car keys in that thing.

Celebrate the crotch thicket with our Hollywood's Hairiest Muffs playlist right here at!


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I can't get excited about this. I know, that alienates me from most of my brethren here on the skin blog... She's just... She pretends to be smart, but she's just stupid and crazy. I prefer my stupid girls to not pretend they're smart.

Dave @ 1:18PM on June 12, 2012


You are not alone. I can't help but think, been there done that. How many times has she posed for playboy already. Now we get to see her again, well past her prime, count me out.

Gorice13 @ 6:48AM on June 13, 2012

Omg I just got rock hard!!!! This is how it should be!!! Can't wait for Jenny's return!!!!

Jimmy1time @ 8:22AM on June 12, 2012

You really should listen to the Howard Stern interview with her from last week. I thought you guys were buds. She talks about her hairy bush to some extent.

Cyclops Was Right @12:05AM on June 12, 2012

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