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Hollywood’s Hottest MILFS


These sexy ladies are just as hot now as MILFs as they were back at the beginning of their careers - and better yet, they've always been willing to strip down in the name of their craft! Halle Berry showed all three beautiful Bs in 2001's Monster's Ball during a sex scene with Billy Bob Thornton, while Angelina did the same with Antonio Banderas in Original Sin. Charlize Theron will have you using two hands when her lingerie is ripped off her body in 1996's 2 Days in the Valley, Jennifer Lopez bared boobs in U Turn (1997), and Jessica Alba got extra kinky when she showed off her perfect ass during a whipping scene in The Killer Inside Me (2010). Monica Bellucci got fully nude for Irréversible in 2002 in an extended scene, plus there's that legendary lesbian scene between Naomi Watts and Laura Herring in 2001's Mullholland Drive. A very young Nicole Kidman showed her terrific T&A in the marvelous Malice from 1993, Cameron Diaz showed butt and boobs during a silly scene from 2014's sex tape, and Heidi Klum showed her model mams and booty for Seal's 2010 music video Secret.


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