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Helen Hunt Creates Full Frontal Oscar Buzz with The Surrogate [VIDEO]

Wed, Aug 29, 2012 @ 4:30pm by Skin Central (4 Comments)

There are two approaches to onscreen nudity. One is the Shannon Elizabeth/Linnea Quigley school, where an actress makes her anatomical assets the center of attention in a series of comedy (or horror) flicks-- and her career. The other is the Kate Winslet/Michelle Williams school, where an actress uses onscreen nudity to prove that she's "serious" about her art and deserves an armload of awards like so.

It's a little late for Helen Hunt to get on the "scream queen" bandwagon, so she's enrolled in the latter school for her new movie The Sessions (formerly known as The Surrogate), where she makes her full frontal debut as a sex therapist with an unusual specialty: personally relieving patients of their virginity.

Nudecomer Annika Marks also goes nude in the film, which is already garnering serious awards buzz for Hunt as well as for John Hawkes as one of her disabled clients. If all else fails, Helen, rest assured: you're an early favorite for an Anatomy Award.

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first of all- wtf? she's not just doing virgins...but para/quadriplegics, handicapped dudes, etc.
2nd- there she goes again with that same HORRIBLY bad long island (i guess?) accent that she floated in and out of in the part that won her an oscar (i suspect the powers that be in hollywood, namely the weinsteins, have already seen her full frontal, because there really is no other explanation of how she got that oscar that makes sense.
3rd- she is such a completely bizarre choice to cast in this part i think it will hurt the movie. they should have hired either a woman or a man, but not both. so weird.

bighotrod @ 8:51AM on September 2, 2012

I agree with V we aren't paying YouTube videos

Y @ 7:50PM on August 31, 2012

Helen never did much for me. That said she does seem to look better older. I couldnt stand mad about you. She did look really good in that Mel Gibson film. Other wise nothing.

Jimmy1time @ 7:54AM on August 30, 2012

Why advertise this as a video as if it's the scene causing the stir. It's false. Get your hands on the clip in question, and then get your hands on the Nicole Kidman scene causing so much controversy. Get on the ball, Mr. Skin.

V @11:45PM on August 29, 2012

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