shame set 1These pictures have been floating 'round the Internet for a while, but they're so gratutiously awesome that we just had to share them with you! Steve McQueen is at it again- no, not Bullitt (though he was a badass), but the British artist and director of the decidedly skinless (unless you count a shirtless, emaciated Michael Fassbender, and we do not) prison drama Hunger (2008).

McQueen has taken a different, and far more skinful, track for his latest collaboration with Fassbender- entitled Shame, the upcoming film is about a troubled New Yorker "who has difficulty managing his sex life". If you've got some extra ladies lying around, Michael, feel free to throw 'em Skin Central's way, because the pics that have leaked from the set so far are totally skintillating!

First co-star and nudecomer Nicole Beharie was spotted baring some beautiful black boobage on an NYC rooftop during shooting:

shame set 2

...And then Fassbender and an unnamed actress (Mr. Skin's Skin Wizards think she may be a nudecomer named Lucy Walters, though we were unable to get a 100% positive ID) got totally naked and totally sexhibitionist in the window of the Standard Hotel in New York while filming a scene, shocking pedestrians below:

shame set 3

shame set 4

shame set 5

...and the cherry on this delicious public-nudity sundae comes from burlesque dancer Calamity Chang, the self-proclaimed "Asian sexation of NYC", who shared some skintillating details of her girl-girl-boy threesome scene in the movie on her Twitter page. Skin Central's favorite from May 27:

On my way to the film shoot... Moisturized, shaved, nervous & excited!

Yowza! Excited is right! Shame has yet to get a distribution deal, so release dates are still TBA, but we'll be staying abreast of all the latest nude developments on this scandalous film right here on the Mr. Skin blog!