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Emmanuelle Chriqui Makes Her Nude Debut on The Borgias

Mon, May 9, 2011 @ 1:00pm by Skin Central (2 Comments)

chriqui buttGuys have been longing for nudity from sexy Moroccan-by-way-of-Quebecois actress Emmanuelle Chriqui since her lesbian kiss with Malin Akerman on Entourage...actually, since way before that, but that scene was really hot, no?

Well, brace yourselves fellas, because Emmanuelle finally made her nude debut last night on The Borgias! She kept her Chriqui bananas inside her long nightgown, making a brief shot of Emmanuelle's ripe rear coconuts the breast part of the scene (it's behind the sheer curtain, but it's there). Emmanuelle also showed some quality side boob as she rolled around with her much-nakeder man friend, giving guys just a little more Chriqui for the Peequi:

chriqui side boob 1

chriqui side boob 2

chriqui butt 3

Is this the dawning of a nude era for Emmanuelle Chriqui? Stay tuned to the Mr. Skin blog to find out!


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Chriqui's gonna have to do a lot better than this. This is just another reason why no guy should pay an extra penny for premium channels. Pay extra for bitches like her to be an annoying tease. If you can't do better than this Chriqui then get the fuck out.

JJ @10:45PM on May 9, 2011

First step is the hardest...

Nevermore @ 3:10PM on May 9, 2011

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