Elizabeth Olsen Has Some Powerful Boobs

Here’s the thing, I don’t actually think Elizabeth Olsen’s dress is see-through. I firmly believe the fabric and the construction of the dress are both top quality; the thing is Elizabeth Olsen has some pretty powerful breasts. And when they want to be seen, damn it, they are going to be seen.  

Sure, parts of Elizabeth Olsen’s dress are a bit lacy and do show off some skin, but it’s not like she’s wearing one of those bodybuilder mesh tops or anything. No doubt some big shot designer made this dress just for Elizabeth Olsen, and there is no way they would make it out of cheap material. Elizabeth Olsen is just that damn sexy, she has an amazing body, and probably some of the finest breasts in the world. I’m not saying Elizabeth Olsen has magical powers or anything like; all I am saying is that her breasts are magical. Some might call it a curse, other might call it a gift, but I call it really damn awesome.

Sure you can say it’s the fabric or the flashes from the cameras or a trick of mind, call it whatever you want, but the truth is Elizabeth Olsen is sexy as hell and she can’t cover it up. She can try, but her sexiness will always find a way to be seen.