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Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

No Nudity

Long-lived and very popular (among women) series about the Wild West’s most beloved lady doctor. It’s not as if one needs an excuse to watch the ethereal Jane Seymour for one hour a week, but this series (though clearly geared towards the ladies) managed to wedge some actual spark and craftsmanship into its period production. One week it was an ‘equal rights’ theme; the next week could be a simply Western adventure tale. The show lived on way past its usefulness, but again – it is Jane...

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Jane Seymour

Dr. Michaela Quinn

Helene Udy

Myra Bing

Alex Meneses

Teresa Morales

Gail Strickland

Olive Bray / Davis

Heidi Kozak

Emily Donovan

Tantoo Cardinal

Snow Bird

Elinor Donahue

Rebecca Quinn

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