Claudia Alende And Megan Fox Need To Make Movies Together

Normally when I hear someone say, “Oh she’s the so-so of such a place” it often leads me to believe people are blind. I've heard so many random comparisons that at this point in my life, I simply tune them out. But there are rare times when the comparison is actually correct and Claudia Alende truly is the Megan Fox of Brazil.  

It wouldn’t surprise me and it shouldn’t surprise you if one day we found out that Claudia Alende and Megan Fox are distant cousins or something like that. I’m almost floored by the resemblance. Then again, I’m almost floored by how amazing Claudia Alende looks in a bikini. Right now I’m kind of hoping that Claudia Alende wants to get into acting so she can star in the Brazilian version of Baywatch and then team up with Megan Fox for some kind of road trip and/or spring break comedy. Can you imagine Megan Fox in a bikini standing next to Claudia Alende in bikini? I can and in fact I’m going to be imagining that for the rest of the day.  

It kind of makes me wonder if there is someone, somewhere in Brazil right now looking at pictures of Megan Fox thinking, “She is totally the Claudia Alende of America.”