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Claire Borotra Nude

Claire Borotra bio picture
  • Rating: Great Nudity!
  • Nude roles: 8
  • Place of birth: Boulogne-Billancourt, France
  • Date of birth: September 25th, 1973
The impressively-racked Claire burst onto the French Skinematic Scene back in 1995 when she landed her first role of note in the made-for-TV movie Honorin et l’enfant prodigue. The part led to a few more made-for-TV flicks, as well as her first Silver Screen appearance in 1997’s Messieurs les enfants. She has something for those “enfants” movies, doesn’t she?

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Claire Borotra as Hélène in Lautrec

7 pics & clips
Nude (breasts, bush)
Claire Borotra as Clarisse in Le destin de Clarisse
Le destin de Clarisse

2 clips
Nude (breasts, bush, butt)
Claire Borotra as Catherine in Le bois du Pardoux
Le bois du Pardoux

5 pics
Nude (breasts, butt)

Skin Filmography

Title Nudity Description Clips Pics
Les zygs, le secret des disparus (2007) – as Anne Collin / Hamper Nude breasts
Les enfants j'adore (2006) – as Estelle Constant Sexy sexy
Bel Ami (2005) – as Clotilde de Marelle Nude breasts 1 3
Le destin de Clarisse (2002) – as Clarisse Nude breasts, bush, butt 2
Le bois du Pardoux (2000) – as Catherine Nude breasts, butt 5
L' Institutrice (2000) – as Jeanne Nude breasts 4
Lautrec (1998) – as Hélène Nude breasts, bush 1 6
Les Clients d'Avrenos (1996) – as Lélia Nude butt

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TV Shows

Title Nudity Description Clips Pics
Le bleu de l'océan (2003 - 2003) – as Talia Vargas Nude breasts
Vérité oblige (1997 -  ) – as Rachel Baldi

Bel Ami (2005) … Clotilde de Marelle


It's a rip-roaring, grunting and groaning good time when a bare-booblied Claire gets banged in the bed. (54 seconds)

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Le destin de Clarisse (2002) … Clarisse


breasts, butt
Claire and her mate roll around on the bed. They're thrashing wildly, but you can easily make out her tasty rear end and a hunk of side right boob. (40 seconds)

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breasts, bush
Fully frontal fluff in bed with her man--it's through a gauzy curtain, but it's still a pretty choice peek. (12 seconds)

Mr Skin has 2 nude clips from Le destin de Clarisse. Join Mr Skin to see them.

Lautrec (1998) … Hélène


breasts, bush
Claire's full-frontal flesh is flashed in this nice, long scene. Unfortunately, she's dead and lying on an autopsy table... (36 seconds)

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