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Chiller (1995 - 1995) Nude Scenes

Chiller boxcover
  • Genre: Horror
  • Premiere Date: March 9th, 1995
  • Network: ITV
  • Country: UK
Rather obscure mid-90’s anthology tale from the UK. Not surprisingly, this one dabbled in those campfire-ish tales of the supernatural that generally lend themselves well to the anthology formula. Laden with familiar faces from UK television and movies and certainly not the lamest ‘horror show’ to come down the pike, Chiller ran for five 60-minute episodes back in 1995 and is currently unavailable … Become a Mr Skin Member and get the full review

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Celeb Nudity Description Clips Pics
Serena Gordon as Louise Knight Nude breasts 1 3
Kate Isitt as NA
Zienia Merton as NA
Sophie Ward as Francesca Monsanto Nude breasts, bush, butt 1 4
Mel Martin as Sophie Cramer Nude breasts, bush, butt 1 3

Serena Gordon … Louise Knight

Episode: "Toby" (Mar 16th, 1995)

Serena is breastfeeding her invisible ghost baby, which means there is nothing blocking the view of her left babyfeeder.

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Sophie Ward … Francesca Monsanto

Episode: "Prophecy" (Mar 9th, 1995)

breasts, bush, butt
Sophie is sudsing up in the bath, and when she jumps out to answer the phone she shows off steamy full frontal.

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Mel Martin … Sophie Cramer

Episode: "The Man Who Didn't Believe in Ghosts" (Apr 13th, 1995)

bush, butt, breasts
More bubble bath terror as a chandelier comes crashing down towards the naked Ms. Martin. Then as she jumps out of the way, we get a glimpse of rare backburger.

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