Anna Camp Equus naked nude onstageEquus on Broadway Is Good for Naked Broads

For over two years now we've been hearing about the stage play Equus, in which Harry Potter (oh, sorry, we mean Daniel Radcliffe) nakedly caresses a horse onstage. Boy wizards brandishing their flesh wands in the theater isn't usually the forte of Mr Skin, unless of course they are accompanied by equally naked ladies, which luckily Daniel was.

The horse-humping play recently opened on the Great White Way, but it's taken awhile for pics of the naked happenings onstage to hit the internet. The pics of star Anna Camp (via Nudography), who plays Jill Mason, are quite blurry, so as a concession Mr Skin is offering up a free nude pic of Jenny Agutter, who also filled the role of Jill, in the 1977 film version of Equus.

Jenny Agutter in EquusJenny definitely wins in the bountiful bush category, but the similarity between the pair's palookas is quite impressive. That's Broadway for you; always paying attention to the details.

And as an added treat, there's even shaky video footage of Anna Camp nude onstage, though we must warn you, the footage is mostly of Harry Potter's bouncing hairy cocker.