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Breaking Nudes from Sundance: Kristen Bell, Kate Bosworth, Juno Temple, and Riki Lindhome

Fri, Jan 25, 2013 @ 5:45pm by Skin Central (2 Comments)

It’s time for another round of celebrity nude scenes to be revealed, straight from the revered Sundance Film Festival. The latest crop of starlets going bare on-camera includes brief buns from Kristen Bell in The Lifeguard, breasts from Kate Bosworth in Big Sur, and full frontal from Juno Temple and Riki Lindhome in Magic Magic and Hell Baby respectively.

Our Skin Skout reports:


Kristen Bell spends most of The Lifeguard in her red lifeguard bathing suit, but(t) bares the bottom of her buns 58-miniutes in while getting banged against the bathroom sink.

BosworthKate Bosworth shows her little mountains in Big Sur, where she gets topless at the 44 and 52-minute marks.

TempleJuno Temple shows off her hoots and hairy Temple in the bathtub 4-minutes into Magic Magic, then buns at 1-hour 5-minutes in while pushing Michael Cera's head into her crotch.

RikiRiki Lindhome shows every heavenly inch in Hell Baby, where Rob Corddry opens the shower curtain on her full frontal at 55-minutes in.

Looks like it’s time for a road trip to Park City. We’ll be hitchhiking under the covers!


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Bout time you quit teasing Bosworth.What else did you expect from Bell.

ski @ 5:34AM on January 28, 2013

...and once again Kristen Bell proves to be a major let-down. I predict her career will continue to not go very far.

Marcus @ 7:50AM on January 26, 2013

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