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Best of the 2016 Billboard Music Awards Spl1285541 012 6ff9db02 featured

This year's awards ceremony cleaned up—by dressing down.... read more

Who Could Refuse Emily Kinney? Ek7 90c0083a featured

If you are a movie lover or just a fan of film noir, you know that the pretty blonde woman is never to be trusted. But when that beautiful blonde woman is Emily Kinney, how would one say no? ... read more

Water Makes Adèle Exarchopoulos More Beautiful Ae f5da0d7e featured

What is it about water that we all love? Is it the fact we need it to survive? Is is that nothing beats going for a cool swim on a warm day? Or is that it makes beautiful women like Adèle Exarchopoulos look that much more beautiful when they float in it? ... read more

Josie Canseco Will Make You Long For The Old Days of "Playboy" Screen shot 2016 05 23 at 12 26 15 pm 682012a0 featured

They say one shouldn’t look to the past and wish for things long gone, but knowing that Josie Canseco the latest Playboy Playmate of Month in the new non-nude version, I can’t help, but look the past and wish for a nude centerfold of Josie Canseco. ... read more

TV Nudity Report: Submission, Hunters, Penny Dreadful, and Game of Thrones 5.23.16 Eline powell topless a4356e7c featured

All the heavy hitters came out this past week, spreading nudity and joy to the masses!... read more

'GOT' Star Sophia Turner Adorable as Ever in ASOS St6 copy f5c45407 featured

Sophie Turner, also known as Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones, covers ASOS magazine, and is featured in the accompanying spread. While Sophie's never gone Sans...a clothes on screen, context clues tell us that she's got a crazy tight bod, as evident in these sexy pics!... read more

Sunday is World Goth Day: Sexy Celebs Get Dark ... and Down ! Goth day photo 04 a7a628d5 featured

“Dim the lights, slather on the eyeliner and get ready for World Goth Day on May 22,” declares CNN.... read more

The Mysterious Case of Margot Robbie: Age Is But a Number Robbie the wolf of wall street 736827 infobox a0d89194 featured

This week on "Internet Scandals."... read more

Battle of the Babes: Ruby Rose vs. Laura Prepon Battle of the babes oitnb 0ce34d75 featured

I knew an Orange is the New Black edition of Battle of the Babes would have to come at some point, and that day, gentlemen, is today. In pairing up OITNB jail tail, I turn to season 1 favorite Laura Prepon and season 3 series boobcomer Ruby Rose! So, who pleases your PEENitentiary?... read more

The Finale of 'Mr. Selfridge': Part Two Mr  selfridge second part photo 01 5f159cc6 featured

“Harry Selfridge’s incredible true life story,” explains London’s Daily Mail, “from the backwoods of Wisconsin {born in 1856} to becoming the ‘Earl of Oxford Street,’ is concluding this Sunday in the Masterpiece drama, Mr. Selfridge. ... read more

What Does Bella Hadid Win For Wearing This Dress At Cannes? Spl1285541 006 8c9527b6 featured

The Festival de Cannes, better known as The Cannes Film Festival, is always filled with great movies, tons of celebrities, and film lovers from all over the world. While the Palme d'Or is given to the best film of the festival, I’m wondering what kind of award Bella Hadid received for being the hottest person on the red carpet. ... read more

Skin Links 5.20.16 Sl52016 7607b5a2 featured

It's impossible for Mr. Skin to be everywhere at once, so sometimes he turns to his friends on the internet to bring you the latest Skin approved stories from around the web! 
Twenty Questions with Porn Star Edyn Blair Fleshbot
Petra Nemcova braless in see-through black top Taxi Driver Movie
Genevieve Morton did a sexy nude photoshoot The Nip Slip
Marloes Horst for Love & Lemons Drunken Stepfather
Playmate Amberleigh West is a naked country girl Egotastic All Stars
August Ames is a sexy surfer babe Boobie Blog
Alexis Ren in her Daisy Dukes Last Men on Earth
Cara Delevingne got naked in the woods to prepare for Suicide Squad role Double Viking
Nikki Leign sells Calvin Klein with underboob Steakwood... read more

New Howard Stern Interview: Mr. Skin is "The Stephen Hawking of Tits" Emilia clarke 289dd3 infobox b589e3cf featured

More like "A Brief History of Slime." This week Howard Stern brought on Mr. Skin himself to weigh in on the Emilia Clarke nude return heard round the world. Referring to Skin as "the foremost expert in poontang in the country," Stern and Skin go over the video we put together proving that Emilia Clarke didn't Lena Heady her nude scene. Check out The Howard Stern Show interview with "The Stephen Hawking of Tits!"... read more

Movie Nudity Report: The Nice Guys, Ma Ma, and Maggie's Plan 5.20.16 Screen shot 2016 05 20 at 11 17 30 am 19861f8a featured

Whether you're heading to the multiplex or the art house this weekend, there's definitely some nudity in your future!... read more

Let's Reflect on Miley Cyrus's Boob Reflection Mc 94c898d6 featured

All photographs need to have a focal point, some place for those looking at the picture to focus. Often a bad picture will have too many things to look at once. Then again, some pictures have a hidden focal point, like in this Instagram post from Miley Cyrus.

... read more

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