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Water Polo Part 2 : Giving Out Medals for 'Melons' Water polo part 2 photo 64 e833e487 featured

Yesterday’s intro to the sublime sport of Women’s Water Polo focuses on the unseen ass•pecs of the game: “If you’ve ever seen a water polo match,” observes a former female player, “you’ll appreciate the chaos that goes on above the water.... read more

Top Ten Black and White Nude Scenes Screen shot 2016 08 24 at 10 44 35 am 716e2f8e featured

This week in 1891, the motion picture camera was patented, a monumental occasion in the life of any cinephile. To celebrate, we're taking a look at our favorite black and white nude scenes from cinema history! The old-timey feel combined with the beautiful naked female form makes for a titillating experience, and these ten beauties are sure to deliver!... read more

Who Is The Highest Paid Actress? The Answer Will Not Surprise You Jenniferlawrence esquirephotoshoot hd 5 infobox 7d42fd4c featured

I know it can be slightly annoying when someone uses a phrase ironically, but in this case I feel like I must. Forbes just came out with their list of the highest paid actresses and “shock” Jennifer Lawrence is still number one.... read more

BBC Picks Best Film of 21st Century, and You'll Probably Agree Harring mulholland dr  776329 infobox 9a207244 featured

BBC Culture polled 177 film critics on their favorite movies of the 21st century (so far!) and coming in at number one is 2001 Skin favorite Mulholland Drive. Those pervs! Check out the hot lesbian scene with Naomi Watts and Laura Harring and decide if you agree! ... read more

Skinstant Video Selections: My Golden Days, Cougar Hunting, Fish Tank, and More! 8.24.16 Skinstant header b60b4ed3 featured

As summer comes to an close, there's still plenty to keep your interest piqued on your favorite streaming service!... read more

Net Assets : Polo Olympians Reveal 'Water Melons' Water polo photo 42 720b4b4a featured

Earlier this month, Sleuth did a comprehensive blog on National Watermelon Day …... read more

Skin Links 8.23.16 Sl82316 82e940e0 featured

It's impossible for Mr. Skin to be everywhere at once, so sometimes he turns to his friends on the internet to bring you the latest Skin approved stories from around the web! 
Top 10 Hottest Celebrities Named Katherine Fleshbot
Ola Jordan braless in a wet white tank top Taxi Driver Movie
Olivia Palermo braless in a see thru top The Nip Slip
Adwoa Aboah topless Drunken Stepfather
Nicola Paul topless for Page 3 Egotastic All Stars (header image)
Bryci and Katie Banks having fun with a strap-on Boobie Blog
Karrueche Tran working out the taint Last Men on Earth
Why do some sci-fi sequels rock when most of them suck? Double Viking
Got milk? Livia Gullo does Steakwood... read more

Caption CompeTITion: Lindsey Vonn Ass Edition Lindsey vonn work out pants copy 0419bef3 featured

Welcome to the Mr. Skin Caption CompeTITion! Each week we'll look at a Skin-approved pic and really try to capture its essence, its gestalt, its... nudity, through a caption. The post will be updated when the best caption is chosen, and the winner will be contacted via e-mail to receive a Mr. Skin t-shirt or other skintastic swag. Good luck!... read more

SKINcoming on DVD & Blu-ray: The Nice Guys, Narcos Season 1, and More! 8.23.16 Laura perico topless 2952cc5b featured

A quartet of skinsational new releases, along with a remastered classic, are turning Blu-ray into Spew-ray this week!... read more

Fact: Amanda Seyfried Is Super Sexy As3 5eb22dff featured

Of the things in life which are simply facts and cannot be proven untrue—like water being wet, the sky is blue, and everything tastes like chicken, these things we fully accept. Well, there is something else that we should simply accept as fact and that is Amanda Seyfried is super sexy.... read more

This Video of an Ass Is Actually Really Cool Butts 330377d5 featured

Can't. Stop. Watching.... read more

Beautiful Centaur Kim Kardashian’s Nipples, Ass on Instagram Screen shot 2016 08 22 at 3 40 49 pm 60651c2e featured

Keeping up with all the hot haunch shots of Kim Kardashian on her Instagram is basically impossible, so I though this rare(er) nipple sighting would be a perfect opportunity to check in and see what's going on in Kim's Instagram world! ... read more

Zoey Deutch And Chloë Grace Moretz Are Sexy Workout Buddies Spl1338100 003 2a7a0e08 featured

I have often heard that the best way to stick to a workout routine is to have a workout buddy. You know, someone to help keep you on a schedule, someone to motivate you when you when you just don’t feel like working out, and most importantly someone to be just as sexy as you in workout clothes, like gym buddies Zoey Deutch and Chloë Grace Moretz.... read more

TV Nudity Report: Power and Tyrant 8.22.16 Lela loren topless 08f2db35 featured

It was a light week for nudity on the boob tube, but thankfully the quality more than makes up for the lack of quantity!... read more

Julianne Hough and Nina Dobrev Show Their Full Moons and #FreeTheBooty Edit fe5c7e41 featured

(Ass cracks under the jump.)... read more

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