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Traci Lords, Sexy Nude Teen Porn Sex, and McZero 3466 featured

Nora Louise Kuzma a.k.a. Traci Lords was the biggest, hottest, sexiest porn star and and most singularly searing X-rated carnal fixation of Youngman McBeardo’s put-upon puberty years.

It was unbelievably cool, then, when both The Object of Affection and The Objectional Erection turned out to have been born right about the exact same time.

Of course, the scandal of Traci Lords performing in hardcore porn films when she should have been in high-school nearly capsized the entire adult-entertainment industry, but it created a Legend of Lust to endure eternally for the (under)ages.

X-Rated Ambition: The Traci Lords Story, a new UK documentary available from Shocking Videos exposes the dirty truth about Traci (McBeardo’s is self-explanatory). Click for the box cover for the E-cup-normous, up-turned scoops.... read more

Animal Instincts III hits DVD -- August 16, 1999 1207 web

Your browser does not support the video tag.Ask any filmmaker: a great movie begins with a great script.

And on this date, in 1999, a mound-blowing motion picture hit DVD (after four years of VHS) that proved that maxim to be true – down to the letter.

The film is titled Animal Instincts III (although sometimes it’s also called Animal Instincts: The Seductress).

The screenwriter was Selwyn Harris. The director, Gregory Dark. The boobs, butthole and vagina came courtesy of Wendy Schumacher, and a whole bunch of other California hotties, one of whom happened to be real-teen porn scorcher Jenteal.

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69 Reasons . . .

Mr. Skin is your kind of guy. Just look at this website. Now imagine that his knowledge, expertise, and quick way with a quip about pubic mounds could be transformed into an easy-to-carry, all-skinclusive, one-stop reference book covering the very best of the breast in what's nude on home video.... read more

Mike McPadden: The Mr. Skin Interview

Robustly beguiling, satanically charismatic, undeniably Oliver Platt-like Brooklyn native Mike McPadden not only knows every conceivable euphemism for female private parts, he's made a career out of knowing how to use them. He's also invented some real pips, his own favorites being "mush" for vagina and "stoolbox" for anus.... read more

Meet the Beatoffs

By Fanny Tosselberry

Some people's aptitude for cracking groanworthy dirty puns will land them a visit to the principal's office or perhaps a swift smack in the maw. Others, however, may parlay their particular talents into a gig cranking out titty jokes for cash. These are our people. And these are also your people, as they are the contributors who took a bunch of pulp, some ink, and a wealth of skinformative knowledge in regard to celebrities' film appearances in various states of dishabille and miraculously molded it into Mr. Skin's Skincyclopedia: The A-to-Z Guide to Finding Your Favorite Actresses Naked, which you are presently holding in your hands. (What, you still haven't picked up a copy? For shame! Buy it now here,here,or here!) In the meantime, enjoy the inspirational stories behind the wunderkinds who contributed to the magic.

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