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Movie Nudity Report: Below Her Mouth, Voice From the Stone, & Where to See This Weekend's Stars Nude 4.28.17 Krill linder below her mouth 116170d3 featured

A skinsationally sapphic new release opens in select cities and On Demand today, a Game of Thrones star poses nude for a painting, and we've got the best places to see six of this weekend's stars in the buff!... read more

Kristen Bell Illustrates the Magic of Breastfeeding in 'CHIPS' Reboot Kristen bell chips cleavage swimsuit 240882 1280x0 e5bac105 featured

Kristen did us all a kindness in her latest role. ... read more

Movie Nudity Report: Where to See This Weekend's Stars Nude 3.24.17 Screen shot 2017 03 21 at 11 00 05 am 56df343e featured

The only nudity you'll catch in theaters this weekend is of the male variety, so let's take a look at nine of this weekend's female stars' best nude scenes!... read more

Can't Wait To See Kristen Bell's Cleavage On The Big Screen Kristen bell red chips 03 1c4773b1 featured

Kirsten Bell In A Red Zippered Bathing Suit Is The Best Reason To See CHiPs... read more

Top Ten Actresses Who Need a Nude Debut Do-Over Screen shot 2017 01 23 at 2 42 24 pm f95fe869 featured

Which actresses who have technically been nude need another shot at making their nude debut... read more

Sexiest Red Carpet Looks From 2017 People's Choice Awards Spl1425225 020 copy 3ef7777b featured

So many sexy ladies, so little time!... read more

The Art of Elysium's Heaven Gala Is Heavenly Spl1418376 007 724160d6 web 3aa18ae2 featured

Whatever Award Was Given Wasn't As Great As These Beauties... read more

"Bad Moms" Has One Sexy Red Carpet Spl1324196 001 c038ae0c featured

I have heard that celebrities don’t actually stay and watch the movie during the premiere. They simply walk the red carpet, shake some hands, do a little schmoozing, and then duck out the back door before the opening credits roll. Whether that’s true or not, I guess we’ll never know, but really—when your movie is full beautiful ladies, the red carpet is all that matters.

... read more

Movie Nudity Report: A Double Dose of Ellen Page Nudity and Where to See This Weekend's Stars Nude 7.29.16 Ellen page sexy bdc5b652 featured

Ellen Page outdoes herself with two films out this weekend with nude scenes in both! Plus we've got the best places to see this weekend's stars in the buff!... read more

Movie Nudity Report: Where to See This Weekend's Stars Nude 4.8.16 Bennett kaboom n 02 infobox b01cbebb featured

Sadly none of this week's new releases feature credited nudity, but a number of this weekend's stars have done nudity in the past, so before heading out to the multiplex, familiarize yourself with the best nudity from this weekend's stars!... read more

Nudeworthy on Netflix: Love, Dope, & More 2.10.16 36971 web

February may be showing its teeth this week, but you can stay nice and cozy inside with these five skinsational streaming options from Netflix!

Hit the jump for more pics and info...... read more

SKINcoming on DVD & Blu-ray: Black Sails Season 2, Californication: The Complete Series, & More 11.3.15 20075 web

Three skin-filled TV series and a pair of remastered flicks make their way to DVD & Blu-ray this week!

Hit the jump for more pics and info...... read more

TV Nudity Report: Banshee, True Detective, Shameless [PICS] 14906 web

If you were sad to discover only a bikini scene from Lili Simmons on Banshee this week, we’re about to turn your frown upside down. Turns out she was just taking the time to show off her T&A over on True Detective! And nudecomer Daniella Short made sure that Banshee still had some bare boobs on display. Now we just need to see Lili naked on both shows in the same week!

Over on Shameless, Nichole Bloom was showing skin for the first time ever, just a super quick flash of funbags when she’s interrupted changing shirts. Emily Bergl also shows a quick hint of cheek when stripping down to her underwear to get William H. Macy in the shower.

Other non-nude scenes this week include Kathleen Rose Perkins looking sexy in her bra for Episodes, Kim Kardashian’s pixilated breasts receiving the healing light of the lasers on Keeping up with the Kardashians, and Kristen Bell in her bathing suit on House of Lies.

See pics after the jump!... read more

The Lifeguard and More: Nudeworthy on Netflix 11.13.13 [PICS] 14399 web

The Lifeguard (2013) technically only shows a hint of Kristen Bell’s bare cheeks, but fans of the bubbly blonde can still enjoy some of her best onscreen sex scenes to date. There’s more grinding glutes from Krystal Tini in Dead Man Down (2013), and Phat Beach (1996) has got plenty of strippers doing what they do breast. Mena Suvari is the cherry of American Virgin (2000) but it’s Kira Reed who sheds her clothes.

See pics after the jump!... read more

The Look of Love: Celebrity Nudity on DVD and Blu-ray 10.8.13 [PICS] 14156 web

If you love biopics about smut-peddlers, you’re in luck; British porn pioneer Paul Raymond gets a skintastic salute in The Look of Love (2013). Now the real question is: Why hasn't someone made a movie about our own Sultan of Skin? Back to the DVDs though… it wouldn’t be a movie about the adult industry without a bevy of Brit babes baring B’s, including Hall-of-Famer Anna Friel!

In lesser nudity news, the Wolf Pack is back for the threequel The Hangover Part III (2013), with only a few uncredited hookers flashing funbags 1 hour and 14 minutes in, and the always skingy Kristen Bell gives up a bit of seat meat during one of the splash-worthy sex scenes in The Lifeguard (2013).

See pics after the jump!... read more

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