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Not Breaking News: Alyssa Milano Is Hot Am f984f630 featured

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Alyssa Milano Is So Hot She Makes The World Blurry Am1 46d19869 featured

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Guess That Celebrity Nipple 2.20.2017 Guess that celebrity nipple 3 096b6ba9 featured

Welcome to Guess That Celebrity Nipple! We'll post a close-up of a nipple from one of the many skintastic celebrities here at, and it's up to you to guess who it belongs to. Good luck! ... read more

Schwing Training! Chicks Dig the Long Ball Schwing training  photo 01 jpg f3c5ee96 featured

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Top 10 December Birthday Babes

There's so much great stuff happening in the month of December that it's often easy to forget how many beautifully bare babes are celebrating birthdays! It's nice to take a break from all the hustle and bustle and drink in the skinsational sights of these ten gorgeous women who delight in showing their bodies for our enjoyment! From classic blonde beauties like Sissy Spacek and Holly Madison to bountiful brunettes likeAlyssa Milano and Jennifer Connelly, these ladies make every December one to remember!... read more

Top 10 Babes on the Slab

Halloween's tomorrow and what better way to get in to the spirit of the season than by celebrating with some of the best naked babes dead on the slab?! It's a time honored tradition for actresses to appear nude in a morgue, whether they're at the start of their career like Keira Knightley and Daisy Ridley or well into their careers like Alyssa Milano and Christina Ricci! Here are ten of the best nude dead babes!... read more

Playlists to Make Your Hallowiener Happy! 14301 web

We've got all the BOO-bs and BOO-ty you need to make your hallowiener happy on our Halloween themed playlists! Featuring stars like Alyssa Milano, Jenna Jameson, and Barbara Crampton, they're freaky, spooky, and- most importantly- NAKED!... read more

Embrace of the Vampire: Celebrity Nudity on DVD and Blu-ray 10.15.13 [PICS] 14192 web

Alyssa Milano's amazing nude debut in the original Embrace of the Vampire (1995) is finally getting a HD release, and blonde babe Sharon Hinnendael is toplessly reprising the role in Embrace of the Vampire (2013). They're both out on Blu-ray today and guaranteed to put a wooden stake in your pants!

Maniac is another racktastic remake hitting shelves this week, and Plush (2013) has the sophomore nude effort of Sleeping Beauty (2011) star Emily Browning. Finally the PG-13 John Hughes’ film Weird Science (1985) is now on Blu-ray, and includes the rating busting bare breasts of Kym Malin!

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Sharon Hinnendael Skinterview and a Sneak Peek at Embrace of the Vampire 14179 web

It should come as no surprise that Alyssa Milano’s role in Embrace of the Vampire (1995) is still a frequent topic of conversation here at Skin Central. So we were thrilled to hear it’s being released in the HD glory of Blu-ray for the first time!
Better yet, the cult-classic has finally landed itself a worthy remake! When you are casting a new Embrace of the Vampire (2013) re-imagined for the modern era- but still including all the undead action and sexy scenes of the original- you’ve got to have someone beautiful and talented enough to fill the part.

Enter gorgeous, blonde model Sharon Hinnendael. An amazing actress who's been on our radar ever since her fearless TV debut on the Showtime series Look.

Sharon recently took some time to talk to Mr. Skin about her work on Embrace of the Vampire, what it’s like filming nude scenes, and the first movie that ever made her horny. Hint: It’s a Disney.

Read the full skinterview after the jump!... read more

Top 10 Naked Vegetarians

Can an eco-friendly actress really be cruelty free if she promotes spanking the monkey? Questions like that are bound to come up when you're viewing the breast meat of the Top 10 Naked Vegetarians. You'll want to beat your meat to the cruelty free funbags of celebs like Olivia Wilde, Alyssa Milano, and Jessica Pare!... read more

Embrace of the Vampire Remake is Coming to Blu-Ray! [PICS] 14012 web

Here at Mr. Skin, no words can accurately describe the depth of our love for Embrace of the Vampire (1995). Mr. Skin himself has declared the lesbian photoshoot scene his #1 horror movie nude scene of all time. Alyssa Milano’s spectacular nude debut blew her good-girl image out of the water, as she fully embraced lesbian scenes, threesomes, and copious amounts of nudity for the film.

Now it’s been almost 20 years since the orgiastic original was released, and the cult-classic has finally landed itself a remake for the modern era. More after the jump!... read more

Top 10 Phony Funbags

While we here at Mr. Skin prefer the female anatomy all natural and au naturel, the prevalence of plastic surgery means we see plenty of phony funbags. We wholly accept these gloriously augmented appendages as another scintillating sampling on the skin smorgasbord. But as fake funbags go, Alyssa Milano, Diane Kruger, and Shannon Elizabeth have some of the best of the breast!... read more

Episodes: Celebrity Nudity on DVD and Blu-ray 1.8.13 [PICS] 12697 web

Nude on DVD this week it’s the first two seasons of the Showtime series Episodes, starring Matt LeBlanc as a fictionalized version of himself. The show was pulled out of nude obscurity when Sophie Rundle unveiled her huge natural knockers and landed herself a spot in Mr. Skin’s Top Ten Nude Scenes of 2012. Also releasing is the comedic heist flick Guns, Girls and Gambling (2011), in which Heather Roop provides her girls to go along with the guns and gambling. Finally, the Reese Witherspoon thriller Fear (1996) was previously thought to be non-nude, but closer skinspection found that Alyssa Milano let a nip slip while getting manhandled by Marky Mark. Oh-ay!

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Top 10 Amazing Nude Debuts

Certain nude debuts are so powerful that you can remember exactly what you were doing when they happened. Jerkin’ it. So bust it out big time with Jessica Biel, Alyssa Milano, and the rest of our Top 10 Amazing Nude Debuts.... read more

Miley Cyrus Says "Thanks for the Spanks, Y'all" 11394 web

It's hard to believe that it was less than two years ago when Miley Cyrus remained off limits, a prematurely ripe piece of forbidden fruit paraded in front of mankind's collective eyeballs like a cruel inside joke between God and whoever invented age of consent laws.

But it's cool, guys. Miley's like 19 now and has a nose ring and goes to events wearing a jacket from the Designing Women wardrobe closet with no shirt or pants. And she wants you to stare. Really, she does:

"If people find that [I'm sexy], I take it as a compliment," she says on Lifetime's The Conversation With Amanda de Cadenet. "Thank you for thinking I'm sexy!"
See, in Miley's mind acting out and dressing in an inappropriately mature fashion are not just a way to piss off her overbearing stage parents (yeah, we're reading between the lines on that one, but c'mon), but also a feminist statement:
"People are so scared of seeing a woman being like, ‘This is who I am and you’re not going to change it…for a woman to say that she can't be tamed, and of all people in the world, my face saying I can't be tamed, when that's all people really wanted to do- I think that proves how sexist people still really are."
We're definitely seeing an Alyssa Milano moment in Miley's future.
See more former child stars outgrow their clothes right here at

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