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Skinstant Video Selections: The Doors, Rollerball, Showgirls, and More! 11.2.16 Skinstant 11 2 b893f4ce featured

November's off to a skinsational start on all three streaming services, with some great offerings that just keep on giving!... read more

Skinstant Video Selections: Sunset Song, 1984, Wolf, and More 9.28.16 Agness deyn nude 92bd49bc featured

As September comes to a close, there's still no shortage of skin filled flicks for you to stream to your part's content!... read more

Happy Labia Day! Maxresdefault 71b44f01 featured

It's the day we've all been waiting for!... read more

Where Is the "Showgirls" Reboot? Spl1334825 015 d7d9fc35 featured

With Hollywood being all about the remakes and reboots, I keep finding myself asking the same question: What about Showgirls? It’s a classic and Elizabeth Berkley is still smoking hot, so why isn’t there a reboot or remake in the works right now? Sure there is co-star Rena Riffel's self-helmed sequel Showgirls 2: Penny's from Heaven (2011), but we need Elizabeth to come back for another round too!
... read more

Top Ten Elizabeths Elizabeth hurley desktop wallpaper b4310c37 featured

On this day in 1953, Queen Elizabeth II's coronation was held, and she's still hanging tough after all these years! In honor of this occasion, we're looking at ten of our favorite nude actresses named Elizabeth, all of whom have delivered the goods on screen!... read more

Paul Verhoeven Ruined Elizabeth Berkley's Career & Saved Charlize Theron's 19983 web

Paul Verhoeven's 20th Anniversary Showgirls apology tour continues! Following remarks he made about the film last month, he's now taking all of the blame for the implosion of Elizabeth Berkley's career.

Hit the jump for more info...... read more

Top 10 July Birthday Beauties

July is a great month. Summer's officially here, bikini and barbecue seasons are in full swing, and lots of amazingly hot women are celebrating birthdays! This week, we're taking a look at ten of the hottest ladies born in the month of July. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it's got a little something to suit every taste. So whether you like the early bird Cancers like Pamela Anderson and Eva Green or prefer the late blooming Leos like Anna Paquin and Elizabeth Berkley, you're sure to find a woman—or ten—to fall for!... read more

Showgirls, Gloria, & More: Nudeworthy on Netflix 2.4.15 17500 web

February is finally here and it's shaping up to be a month to remember over on Netflix!

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A Long Way Down, Homeland Season 3, and More: Celebrity Nudity on DVD & Blu-ray 9.9.14 [PICS] 16465 web

It's a jam packed week with three new releases and three remastered classics for your viewing pleasure!

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Rena Riffel: The Mr. Skin Skinterview 14047 web

Unbelievably beautiful blonde Rena Riffel has dipped her toe into many aspects of the entertainment industry; modeling, dancing, singing, writing, acting, and directing. She put her classical dance training in ballet, jazz, and tap to very good use opposite Demi Moore in Striptease (1996), and worked with legendary director David Lynch in Mulholland Dr (2001). But it’s her role as Penny in the cult classic Showgirls (1995) that has been the most enduring.

In 1995 director Paul Verhoeven reunited with his Basic Instinct (1992) screenwriter, Joe Eszterhas, to produce a towering contribution to skinema, Showgirls.

Showgirls is not just a Skin Classic; it's Mr. Skin’s single favorite film of all time! It’s a brilliantly berserk send up of showbiz excess and American desires, all mixed up with the most gorgeous girls stripping down and giving explosive lap dances on hyper-kinetic sets. Everything is done to the extreme with fantastic effect, including the splashiest sex scene ever filmed!

Like many films that have gone on to be cult classics, Showgirls was initially a flop in theaters, but soon found the right audience in the home video market, and went on to become one of MGM's top selling releases of all time!

Since Verhoeven distanced himself from the film after its unusual reception, it was up to Rena to carry forward the campy charm of the original, and she finally put forth the ripe fruits of her labor with the sexy sequel Showgirls 2: Penny's from Heaven (2011). Rena reprises her role as Las Vegas stripper and big dreamer, Penny Slot, who sets out to become the star of a dance television show. You’ll get plenty of Penny for your thoughts, since Rena wrote, directed, and starred in this skin-thusiastic feature!

Rena generously took some time to talk to Mr. Skin about the production of her epic opus, her scintillating work in the Czechspoitation genre, and the sexiest scene she’s ever filmed!

Read the full skinterview after the jump!... read more

Happy Labia Day from Mr. Skin! [PICS] 13926 web

We couldn’t celebrate the long Labor Day-- or as we like to call it, LABIA day-- weekend, without a look at the finest beef curtains ever spread for cinema! SKINjoy the holiday with a sampling of celeb snatch-ion captured on camera. More pics after the jump!... read more

Is there a Showgirls Sequel in the Works? 6539 web

Mr. Skin Has a Few Casting Ideas

According to the Hollywood rumor mill, German writer/director Marc Vorlander is at work on the follow-up to the 1995 skinstant classic Showgirls, called Showgirls: Story of Hope.
The details are sketchy at best, but blogs are reporting that the plot will have Rena Riffel's character Penny traveling to Frankfurt, Germany, to seek revenge on the people responsible for giving her brother a deadly dose of cocaine.
There is also a trippy-looking teaser video for the movie that you can watch here.
Since all the casting is still up in the air, we at MrSkin.com have decided to take a stab at casting this flick, under the assumption that all the main characters will be returning.
With no other information to go on, we’ll do what we do in Vegas. We gamble.
For Nomi Malone, the hooker-turned-stripper-turned-showgirl played by a nude Elizabeth Berkley in the original, we have three suggestions:
AnnaLynne McCord of 90210 and Nip/Tuck fame for her trashy, bisexual, frizzy-haired sex appeal; Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively, whose ice cream photoshoot put all sorts of ideas into her fans’ heads; and recent newsmaker Taylor Swift, who would be a perfect naïve ingénue.
We also have three suggestions for Crystal Connors, Nomi’s arch rival and would-be lesbian lover. In the original, the role was played by Gina Gershon.
Our choices are: Marisa Tomei, who was one of our favorite strippers of all time in The Wrestler; Megan Fox, whose refusal to get nude would immediately disqualify her with extreme prejudice; and Rosario Dawson, who’s a little young for the part, but more than sexy enough.
Roll the dice and read the rest of our suggested cast list after the jump.... read more

Top 10 Sexy Celebrities from Detroit 6319 featured

According to Kiss, everybody's going to move their feet and leave their seat in Detroit Rock City. Mr Skin agrees, but would like to add that he prefers it when beautiful women SHOW their seats.
In our continuing Top 10 salute to the hottest babes in the American Midwest, we move from Cleveland to Detroit, the home of Motown, the auto industry, and some serious engine-revvers like Kristen Bell, supermodel Christie Brinkley, and Showgirls star Elizabeth Berkley!
So move your feet, leave your seat, and get UP! These Michigan mamas will blow you away!... read more

Ninth Manual Comment Contest Winner Announced 6177 web

And Three Free Days of Skin Go to…
ChooChooJonny for his remarks on one of the most pressing issues of our time, actresses who play strippers in movies without stripping in the stripper movies.

Actresses today need to take a lesson from Demi and actually strip when they play a stripper. i don't know what idiot made them think it was ok to play a stripper and not strip. look at how popular Demi became because of that role. Maybe if the newcomers would go topless they too will see an increase in there fame... and we will get an increase in our pants.

I couldn’t have said it better myself, ChooChoo.

We need more naked Jessica Biels, Demi Moores and Elizabeth Berkeleys and fewer Lindsay Lohans and Jessica Albas.

Enjoy your free three days of skin, Jonny. And keep riding that train! To think that notion (about strippers) just crossed your mind.

Read after the jump for more great comments from this week.... read more

Hot Moves, Naked Nazi Knockouts, IronBabe's Eye-Poppingly Huge Nipples, Return to Sleepaway Camp! 3829 web

Code Red DVD does right by the once-lost '80s teen sex classic Hot Moves!

L.A.'s UltraStar Studio plays host to art-damaged Third Reich ravishers!

IronBabe's Jackie Stevens steps in and strips down for Misty Mundae -- electrifyingly elongated-nipples-first!

And Return to Sleepaway Camp may herald a renaissance of weird, haunting, unsanitary sexual amusements from a quarter-century ago coming back to bite us in (the front of) the pants.

Click on Das Boobs for the (w)hole truth.... read more

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