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Throwback Thursday: Anna Faris Had the Best Body Ever in 'The House Bunny' Faris house hd s 10 infobox 6f91ed0e featured

And every other movie she's ever been in, basically. ... read more

Nicole Scherzinger No Panties Outing + a Celebrity Buttcrack Roundup Nicole scherzinger ass slip aspinal of london press day kanoni 2 768x540 ed8f2cee featured

Everyone loves an unexpected top-of-booty tease. ... read more

Anna Faris Has Some Really Awesome Side Boob Spl1412298 024 65463d30 featured

All Anna Faris Side Boob, All The Time... read more

Win a Copy of Movie 43 on Blu-ray, Plus an Exclusive Clip [VIDEO] 13576 web

The ultra-raunchy sketch comedy Movie 43 (2012) is out on DVD and Blu-ray today, and it’s chock full of the hottest babes ever to grace the Mr. Skin website. Kate Winslet, Naomi Watts, Anna Faris, Emma Stone, Kate Bosworth, Uma Thurman, Kristen Bell, Halle Berry, and Elizabeth Banks just to name a few.

To celebrate the release, we’re giving three lucky skin fans the chance to win a copy of the Blu-ray! Get all the details after the jump!... read more

A-Listers Get Dirty in the Movie 43 Red-Band Trailer [VIDEO]

Honestly, whenever a movie's main selling point is "Hey, check it out! Oscar winners talking about poop and wieners!", we're skeptical. We're sure Kate Winslet likes to show off her range and all, but there's a reason she's not known for her comedic roles.
There are a lot of red flags surrounding the production of Movie 43 (2013), actually-- that it took four years to finish, for example, or that 15 writers and 11 different directors, including Zack and Miri Make a Porno (2008) star Elizabeth Banks, were involved-- but here's the thing. The usual rules don't apply to this movie, and here's why:
Ever wish that Peter Farrelly would make his version of The Kentucky Fried Movie (1977)? Well, here it is. Halle Berry plays a dirty version of truth or dare (let's just say turkey basters are involved) in a restaurant, Naomi Watts dons a side ponytail as a mom who bullies her home-schooled son, and Anna Faris wants Chris Pratt to poop on her. Plus, a segment chronicling the invention of the "iBabe" promises to be Movie 43's answer to Uschi Digard's mam-entous appearance as a "Catholic High School Girl in Trouble," and that's enough to sell us on almost anything.
Movie 43 doesn't hit theaters until January 25, 2013, but you can see more from stars Halle Berry, Kate Winslet, Anna Faris, Naomi Watts, Emma Stone, Elizabeth Banks, Kristen Bell, Uma Thurman, Kate Bosworth, and (phew) Leslie Bibb right here at!... read more

VOTE in the Final Round of Mr. Skin's Inaugural Skinlympics [PICS] 11871 web

Today is your absolute last chance to vote for your favorites in Mr. Skin's Inaugural Skinlympic Games, so don't miss your chance to see these nude athletes in action. From hot stars like Anna Faris and Ursula Andress to SKINternational favorites like the Netherlands' Tatjana van Zanten and Japan's Reiko Ike, there's something for everyone here.
So what are you waiting for? VOTE NOW, and check out the winners from last week's events after the jump!
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Anna Faris Wakes and Bakes In a See-Through Shirt [PIC] 11716 web

Anna Faris is in a daze. She's so out of it, she forgot to put on a bra before she stepped outside in that see-through shirt. Good thing photographer Steve Shaw was there to catch Anna in action in this nip-tastic pic. Good looking out, Steve. At least somebody's got a clear head around here.
Perk yourself up with more nude pics and clips of sexy comedienne Anna Faris right here at!... read more

Anna Faris Flashes Panties at The Dictator Premiere [PICS] 11334 web

Is it just us, or was Anna Faris rocking some granny panty on the red carpet last weekend at the premiere of her new movie The Dictator?

Maybe it's just the white fabric against the red silk dress, but we're getting a bit of a diaper vibe from this one.

Of course, we'll have to see the rest of 'em to get an accurate picture. And some shots without the panties. You know, for reference.

See more of Anna Faris' red-carpet wardrobe malfunction after the jump!... read more

Anna Faris Wants to Re-Create Tara Reid's Tit Flash [PIC] 11075 web

Of course, she wants to do it on purpose. As the What's Your Number? (2011) star tells Black Book magazine:

"[My husband] Chris [Pratt] and I were pitching around a character, a Hollywood-mess character on the red carpet at the opening of a movie.

"She’s talking to these journalists and she’s wasted. One boob is completely out, and she’s talking on and on, like, [Faris slurs] ‘I’m so excited to be here.’ If you held it long enough and kept it going, just the one boob, it would be so funny.”

"Funny" is one word for it..."hot" would be another.

Anna won't say if her idea is based on Tara Reid's 2007 slip at P. Diddy's 35th birthday party [Is it even a slip if the whole boob hangs out?- SC], but considering that incident went down pretty much exactly as Anna describes it, the SKINspiration is obvious.

Speaking of nip slips, you can check out Anna Faris' Anatomy Award-winning downblouse scene in What's Your Number? (2011) right here at!... read more

What's Your Number? : Celebrity Nudity on DVD and Blu-ray 1.10.12 [PICS] 10514 web

Skin Central's number is about 9 1/2 (ok, ok, more like 5 3/4) this week as a couple of exciting nude releases hit DVD and Blu-ray. First, we've got the fine period pieces (of ass) Gretchen Mol, Paz de la Huerta, Kelly MacDonald and Alexis Palladino on Boardwalk Empire, Season 1, and then we've get the first-ever boob-baring scene from funny lady Anna Faris in the rom-com What's Your Number? (2011).

Plus, empty your six-shooter with the deadly dames of Killer Elite (2011), nude on DVD-and Blu-ray, and Wanted (2008), nude and tattooed on Blu-ray.

More after the jump!... read more

Top 10 Sexy Sorority Sisters

Tits all Greek to me when we're talking about sorority girls, so Mr. Skin pledges to bring you the ten hottest collegiate cuties from the movies, from Michelle Bauer to Anna Faris. You'll want to be hazed into Peepa Fur Pi!... read more

Anna Faris Bares Funny Fanny in the Nude Movie What's Your Number? [PICS] 9760 web

Comedienne Anna Faris is the perfect blend of funny and foxy, and the fact that she's never been shy about displaying her ass-ets on screen (in Scary Movie (2000), Smiley Face (2007), and The House Bunny (2008)) just makes us love her all the more.
After three long years without Faris flesh on the big screen, Anna makes her return to nudity this weekend with What's Your Number?, opening in theaters tomorrow. Anna was spotted streaking on set with her co-star Chris Evans a few months ago, and our Skin Skout has confirmed that Anna indeed shows her seat meat jumping off a pier naked 1 hour, 4 minutes in. We only see the bare butt from the back, leaving open the possibility of a body double, though considering Anna's nude history we're optimistic that that fanny is 100% Faris.
See stills from the set of What's Your Number? after the jump!... read more

Make Your Madison Happy with Mr. Skin [PICS] 9643 web

The stupid-and-proud-of-it comedy Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star hits theaters this weekend, and while we didn't get a chance to pre-screen this porntastic picture, the presence of (fake) porn stars and Mr. Skin Nudity Hall-of-Famer Christina Ricci will hopefully bring some good nude juju to the R-rated farce.
Bucky Larson is the 31st film from Adam Sandler's production company Happy Madison Pictures, and although Sandler is known for his crude, rude comedic sensibilities, there isn't as much nudity in his movies as you might think.

So which Happy Madison movies have the nudity to make your Madison happy? Join Mr. Skin after the jump to find out!... read more

Just the Cracks, Ma'am: Sexy Stars Who Only Bare Buttocks [PICS] 8676 web

Last week on The Borgias, Entourage hottie Emmanuelle Chriqui teased the millions of horny men baying for her booty with a shadowy peek at her naked cheeks. With this brief flash o' the can, Emmanuelle joins an elite group of actresses who bare the butt, and nothing but.

See a cavalcade of cans after the jump!... read more

Top 10 Sexy Celebs from Baltimore

Baltimore: city of delicious crabcakes, The Wire, and the Ravens. Some call it "Bodymore Murderland", but the latter part of that epithet appeals less to skin fans than the former, who salute this town's ability to produce some of the sexiest, nakedest babes in movies and TV. Tap some Old Bay Seasoning on hotties like Nicole Ari Parker and Anna Faris. They're delicious!... read more

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