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Mr. Skin's Skintastic Summer Movie Guide 2009 5926 web

Mr Skin’s Skintastic Summer Movie Guide 2009
Where to see Hollywood’s blockbuster girls of summer without their swimsuits on.

As Memorial Day looms with beach openings, first-of-the-season barbecues, and long-awaited hot weather, so too do Hollywood’s biggest, loudest, most slam-bangingly awesome summer movie blockbusters.

And, just like everyone else, Mr Skin can hardly wait.

Each year, it seems as though the studios unleash their top-ticket titles earlier than ever. So far in 2009 we’ve already seen Star Trek, Angels & Demons, and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. But the best and the barest still lie ahead.

Join Mr Skin now for a unique spin on a typical summer movie guide.

Most media outlets will tell you what films are coming out, who spent how much on what, and how much stuff gets blown up in spectacular fashion.

But Mr Skin casts his expert eye on the stunning starlets of 2009’s summer movies, pointing out who gets nude in which titles and, in case they’re keeping covered or more skinvestigation is necessary, where to find each sexy celebrity nude in previous releases.

Mr Skin’s Skintastic Summer Movie Guide 2009 is your go-to resource not only to see what’s playing over the course of the swelter months, but where to find the really hot stuff—namely, Jessica Biel nude, Amy Adams nude, Katherine Heigl nude, Maggie Gyllenhaal nude, Evan Rachel Wood nude, Rachel McAdams nude, Milla Jovovich nude, Alison Lohman nude, Penélope Cruz nude, and all other 2009 summer movie celebs nude.

Surf’s up and bikinis are off! Now let Mr Skin be your guide!... read more

Count Rackula's Ten Best Horny Halloween Movies 3363 featured

Tricks and Teats

Greetings and salutations from the darkest recesses of Castle Rackula, high in the hills of Mamsylvania.

Halloween night is very special around here. All my monster friends and a handful of Hollywood phonies come by and we engage in all the standard festivities: boobing for chest-apples, carving up rump-kins, playing pin-the-tail-on-the-prostitute-from-Craigslist, and having a séance to commune with the spirits of dead prostitutes.

I was also happy this year to get my good friend Mark Johnston from Shocking Videos' Halloween newsletter. All that nostalgia made me feel like I was 412 again.

In honor of the Great Pumpkin, I put on my copy of Night on Disco Mountain and compiled this list, a veritable Bocaccio’s Decameron of ten of my favorite naked horror movies that take place on Halloween night.

To be fair, only eight of them have nudity, but I included two additional movies for my own reasons.

So pull up coffin, sit down, and skin-joy!

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