Blake LivelyBlake Lively Was Naked?

Apparently, 75-year-old actor Alan Arkin, co-star of The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, isn’t used to having a naked 22-year-old movie starlet lying on top of him.

But who is, except for Balthazar Getty and Brian Austin Green?

Spending the day pressed up against the bare nubile flesh of a nude Blake Lively provoked this strange response from Arkin:

“I spent the whole day apologizing to her. That was a tough day. You're thinking about being alone in a room with Blake Lively with no clothes on; I was there with 50 people and it was freezing and I had lines I had to say.”

"In making 45 movies,” continued the senior citizen, “it's only been an issue three times for me. It's not the kind of parts I get. It's always been uncomfortable for me and not something I really look forward to."

Arkin may not have felt too lively under Blake, but how did the Gossip Girl star like mashing her mammaries into a man old enough to be her grandfather’s boss?

"I think being with a young dude would've been more awkward,” Blake muses. “I'd be thinking, 'Does he think I look cute?' I don't want that.”

Maybe that explains why Blake ultimately didn’t let all the young dudes see her naked body in The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, leaving the nude scenes to her co-star Christin Sawyer Davis.

Now that makes us uncomfortable, Blake!