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Becky LeBeau Nude

Becky LeBeau bio picture
  • Rating: Great Nudity!
  • Nude roles: 31
  • Place of birth: Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Date of birth: February 11th, 1962

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Becky LeBeau is one of a bevy of women on this site who are referred to as “Video Vixens” while others may call them “B-Movie Queens” and she may rank right up there in the top five of this particular category, if for no other reason than she has appeared nude in damn near every movie she has ever been in. Her big … Join Mr Skin to read her entire Biography

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Becky LeBeau as Joanne in Rock-A-Die Baby
Rock-A-Die Baby

Nude (breasts)

Skin Filmography

Title Nudity Description
Soft Bodies: Foreign Affairs (1998) – as Herself Nude
Soft Bodies: Sweethearts (1997) – as Herself Nude butt, breasts, bush
Soft Bodies: All American Girls (1997) – as Herself Nude breasts
Soft Bodies: Pillow Talk (1996) – as Herself Nude breasts
Soft Bodies: Bathing Beauties (1996) – as Herself Nude
Soft Bodies: Show n' Tell (1995) – as Herself Nude breasts
Bikini Drive-In (1995) – as Candy Nude breasts
Soft Bodies: Beyond Blonde (1995) – as Herself Nude breasts
Dinosaur Island (1994) – as Virgin Sacrifice Nude breasts
Body Chemistry 3 (1994) – as Margaret Nude breasts, bush
Soft Bodies: Squeeze Play (1993) – as Herself Nude breasts
Soft Bodies: Party Favors (1992) – as Herself Nude breasts
Sins of Desire (1992) – as Sandy Nude breasts, bush, butt
Soft Bodies: Curves Ahead (1991) – as Herself Nude breasts
Ninja Academy (1990) – as Nudist Nude breasts, bush, butt
Soft Bodies: Double Exposure (1990) – as Herself Nude breasts, bush
Rock-A-Die Baby (1989) – as Joanne Nude breasts
Soft Bodies Invitational (1989) – as Herself Nude breasts
Nudity Required (1989) – as Melanie Nude breasts
Not of This Earth (1988) – as Happy Birthday Girl Nude breasts
Soft Bodies (1988) – as Herself Nude breasts
Takin' It All Off (1987) – as Becky Nude breasts, bush, butt
The Underachievers (1987) – as Ginger Bronsky Nude breasts
Becky Bubbles (1987) – as Herself Nude breasts, butt
Beverly Hills Girls (1986) – as NA Nude
Best Chest in the West II (1986) – as Herself Nude breasts
Off the Mark (1986) – as Uncredited Shower Girl Nude breasts, butt
School Spirit (1985) – as Hogette Nude breasts
Centerfold Screen Test (1985) – as Herself Nude
Hollywood Hot Tubs (1984) – as Veronica Nude breasts
Carnival of Love (1983) – as Herself Nude breasts

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Bikini Drive-In (1995) … Candy


Breastacular Becky beautifully sheds her threads and dances in her undies for a dude, eventually losing the bra to bust out her bust.

Body Chemistry 3 (1994) … Margaret


breasts, bush
Becky bares her LeBoobs and even some LeBush on a television monitor as some obviously amused young fellas leer from a control LeBooth.

Ninja Academy (1990) … Nudist


breasts, bush, butt
Becky gets au naturel in nature, showing off every naked inch of her awesome bod before getting into a swing.


breasts, bush, butt
Becky (the first blonde gal you see) whips out her own volleyballs and some frontal fur while playing the game outside with her equally nude chick chums. Bouncy bouncy bouncy . . .

Rock-A-Die Baby (1989) … Joanne


You'll get a straight when Becky bares her pair of queens in a game of strip poker.

Not of This Earth (1988) … Happy Birthday Girl


Becky's bulging balloons make a memorable appearance as she performs a strip-o-gram for some evil alien guy. Then those lovely titties (and the goofy blonde they're attached to) are zapped into another dimension.

Takin' It All Off (1987) … Becky


breasts, bush, butt
Cantalopes, carpet, and caboose when she strips to the bone. Hm, speaking of bone. . .

School Spirit (1985) … Hogette


LeBeau become LeBoobs when she slides down a "Wet Banana" (har har) wearing nothing but her black and white bikini bottoms and a smile.

Hollywood Hot Tubs (1984) … Veronica


In the locker room, Becky strips off her shirt and body-slams a guy. Awesome Hollywood Hot Jugs!


Ah, and here is the titular hot tub of note. Becky's the second from the left in the tub, jumping around to let her giant jumblies jiggle.