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The Final Chapter: Porn Stars Who Were Pom-Poms Cheerleading porn third part photo 70 b58c0b5e featured

Now, as National Cheerleading Month continues … ... read more

“From Pom-Poms to Porn,” Part 3 : Cheerleaders Who Went All the Way! Cheerleading porn third part photo 01 a97cbd54 featured

As National Cheerleading Month comes to a close … off come the clothes of those who’ve taken sex from the sidelines to the front lines of the adult industry!... read more

Cheerleading: “From Pom-Poms to Porn,” Part 2 -- The Dallas Cow•Pokes Cheerleading porn second part photo 01 5525b3ca featured

“These are beautiful, dignified young ladies,” declares the choreographer and coordinator of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Suzanne Mitchell. “Their uniforms are contoured precisely to their bodies not only to highlight that beauty, but for performance purposes as well.”... read more

Cheerleading Month: ‘Rah, Rah, Raw!’ From Pom-Poms to Porn!! Cheerleading porn photo 06 3769dd65 featured

So far, as National Cheerleading Month heads into its final week, we’ve uncovered cheerleaders as they’ve become increasingly more adult—from high school to college to the pros. Now let’s finish with how the real pros ‘do it’! ... read more

NFL Cheerleaders #3 – From Sidelines to Headlines: Hot Celebs of Good Cheer! Cheerleading pro third part photo 24 a1788ee0 featured

In honor of National Cheerleading Month and Week, we’ve already addressed high school and college pom-poms, pro football boosters, and NFL squad’s scandals. Now let’s focus our attention on the celebrities who paved the way for their future stardom by backing … and fronting … National Football League franchises!... read more

NFL Cheerleaders, Pt. 2 – Unsportsmanlike Conduct Cheerleading pro second part photo 06 9f6cb1bc featured

Our observance of National Cheerleading Safety Month continues … but, as we’ll find out, who can save them from themselves?! ... read more

‘Gimme a T, Gimme an A’: Cheerleading Week Goes Pro Cheerleading pro photo 01 19693213 featured

As National Cheerleading Week spills over …… all eyes are on the opening of free agency and the upcoming National Football League College Draft. But Sleuth’s attention is focused on the evolution of the athletic activity: from school spirit to pro sport.

... read more

'Student Bodies' – It’s National Cheerleading Week! Cheerleader photo 24 6bf7db64 featured

With March Madness about to tip off, it should come as no surprise that we’ve entered National Cheerleading Safety Month …... read more

‘Going for the Gold': Oscar Nods Show Their Bods! Anatomy awards photo 17 6c4ab635 featured

When this year’s Academy Award nominations were announced last month, Mr. Skin posted a playlist of some of the finest female nominees. Now, with the 2017 Oscar ceremonies arriving Sunday, it’s time for Sleuth to uncover the choicest of those choices.... read more

Stacked Decks, Part 3 : Future Stars Stripped on Playing Cards! Stacked decks third part photo 34 f429f5cf featured

We left off our 3-part salute to Play More Cards Week with everyone’s favorite party game: Strip Poker. This final “deal” is focused on sexy celebrities and playing cards …... read more

Stacked Decks, Part 2 : Strip Poker ‘Takes Off’! Stacked decks second part photo 06 246d767d featured

“Cards get a bad rap sometimes,” Days of the admits, as Play More Cards Week continues through Sunday.

... read more

Stacked Decks : It's 'Play More Cards Day' ! Stacked decks photo 01 e209f16e featured

Today is Presidents’ Day … when our current reality show spectacle brings to mind the intrigue of the White House in the HBO hit House of Cards. Fitting, then, that this is also National Play More Cards Day!... read more

Zsa Zsa Gabor, Part 4 : A Century of ‘Sitting Pretty’ Zsa zsa gabor04 photo 01 6b1f8bfb featured

Zsa Zsa Gabor once said, “I was born to make headlines.” Sleuth was born to make deadlines … so this fourth and final post will close the book on one of the most eventful—and erotic—lives of the past century! ... read more

Zsa Zsa Gabor, Part 3 : “The Notorious Z.Z.G.” Zsa zsa gabor  third part photo 01 9e72b183 featured

“Dahling, the Zsa Zsa legend cannot die,” eulogized one New York newspaper of the woman who’d have turned 100 this past week. “Even in a culture with short memories where attention-seekers jostle for camera time. She lives on, unchallenged, in the cultural ether.... read more

Zsa Zsa #100, Part 2 --- " The Kardashians 1.0 " Zsa zsa gabor  second part photo 07 9f33ba29 featured

“Once upon a time there were three beautiful sisters with little discernible talent and one well-groomed, overly ambitious mother who, at one time wanted to be an actress herself,” begins The Huffington Post. “The Mama made a promise to her daughters that they would be ‘rich, famous and marry kings.” ... read more

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