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Brenda Venus in Foxy Brown (1974)




Legends are both born and made, especially in the case of genetically empowered blaxploitation super soul sister Pam Grier. Capable of spawning a new urban fable every time she walked her proud profile, mighty seat mounds, and thunder-brown wonder rack down the street, Grier solidified her ranking among the pantheon of libido-raising immortals with a series of ’70s softcore skin and revenge flicks that peaked with Foxy Brown (1974). Playing the titular heroine with panache made up of equal parts black-power attitude and sheer sexual energy, Grier avenges the killings of her dope-dealing baby brother and her drug-cop boyfriend at the hands of an evil but short-sighted narcotics syndicate. If a craven male worm must suffer a merciless and protracted extinguishment as meted out by Foxy Brown, better that craven male worm not be you, and best yet that Foxy snuffs him up on the big screen so the rest of us worms can stand up and roar in appreciation.