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Cameron Diaz in The Invisible Circus (1999)




The Invisible Circus (2001) takes place in 1976 as gorgeous Jordana Brewster begins to retrace the steps that led to her older sister's suicide. That sis is the delectable Cameron Diaz, a happy free spirit whose life grew dark as the ’60s wore on. Jordana tracks down Cam's man, Christopher Eccleston, and enlists him in her quest to get to the bottom of Cam's bottoming out. Together they travel through Europe, seeking the truth about the toothsome cutie's demise. It turns out that Chris and Cam got themselves radicalized in Amsterdam, and it didn't take long for Ms. Diaz to go whole-hog into pig-hating revolutionary life, packing heat, robbing banks, and bombing embassies. But what finally drove her over the edge?