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Cameron Diaz in In Her Shoes (2005)




Of all the world’s love-hate relationships, none is more volatile than that of two sisters who have consistently competed with and disappointed one another. The pair of female siblings whose bonding and sundering and ultimate bonding provide the touching emotional locus of In Her Shoes (2005) can be broken down into two categories: The illiterate hot-stuff slut versus the homely chronically under-romanced brainiac. The looser of the two ladies, in a fit of pique, grants a poke to the plain Jane’s last best hope for husband hunting. No one is surprised that the tramp’s cruel copulation ruins the ugly duckling’s connubial fantasy, and also any chance of the girls ever being friends again. What do surprise are the dignity, insight, honesty, humor, and emotional catharsis that follow as two growing women each take separate roads to recovery and arrive simultaneously at home.