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Elisabeth Röhm in The Kreutzer Sonata (2008)




Based on the banned Russian novel by Leo Tolstoy, the 2008 drama The Kreutzer Sonata stars Danny Huston as Edgar, a man who marries a beautiful young concert pianist named Abby (Elisabeth Röhm) after he gets her pregnant. As their married life progresses, Abby begins to miss the piano and decides to play Beethoven’s Sonata No. 9 in A Major at a benefit concert. Accompanying her on violin is Aiden (Matthew Yang King), and, as the two are spending hours practicing alone together, Edgar begins to go crazy with jealousy. When he finally comes home and catches them together, he stabs Maria to death, while Aiden escapes. We get great looks at Elisabeth’s sona-tits, but-thoven, and even her Kreutzer as she has energetic sex on the floor. This ivory-tickling eyeful will have you reaching for your pianist!