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Linda Lovelace in Deep Throat (1972)




The mother (perhaps grandmother these days) of all porno, Deep Throat (1972) made X-rated star Linda Lovelace a household name while earning box office grosses in excess of $600 MILLION, according to some estimates! (Linda herself, unfortunately, never got much of the money.) Though the stars are pallid and hairy by today's standards (and the female protagonists of most modern porn don't smoke during cunnilingus), there is a certain na´ve glee to Linda's gynecologist's discovery that her clitoris does not exist inside her bearded clam where it ought to, but in the depths of her gullet. The orgasms come furiously and repeatedly as Linda and friends bone up on demonstrations of the title technique, while giving "normal" couples plenty of naughty ideas to practice in the privacy of their own bedrooms (or in the back rows of smut theaters, depending on local prurient interest ordinances).