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Veronica Yip in Gigolo and Whore 2 (1994)




The plot of Gigolo and Whore 2 (1994) is a little, well actually, very convoluted. The idea is simple: a gigolo is sent by his female pimp to seduce the business rival of one of her clients who has recently taken control of the majority shares in a company from her father. The problem is that she is a lesbian. This is where things get foggy as the gigolo tries to make her straight by romancing her.

At least we get to see sexy Asian treat Veronica Yip’s perky tits and tight rear. She will have your juices bubbling when she starts the movie with a bang by stripping naked and giving us some hot T & A while getting into a spa where she hooks up with her man and gets busy. A little later she and her man get after it on the couch and once again we get to enjoy Ms. Yip’s nips. Her sexy naked body saves the day on this otherwise clunky attempt a crime caper!