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Jennifer Taylor in Two and a Half Men (2003-????)




Two and a Half Men is sort of like The Odd Couple for the new millennium, with Charlie Sheen as the Oscar-type. Only he’s not a slob, he's a bimbo, that is a himbo. Sheen plays a successful jingle writer who lives the playboy life in Malibu. His idyllic bachelor existence is disrupted by the Felix-type, played by Jon Cryer, recently divorced and with a ten-year-old son, who’s the half of the title. The brothers’ mother thinks Cryer’s gay, but everyone is a horn dog on this ribald TV sitcom. Cutting the cute quota of kid jokes is the endless parade of hotties who march nearly naked in and out of Sheen’s bedroom. The network tries to slip some skin past the censors, with ample ass cheeks overflowing from G-string panties and most babes wearing little more than bikinis. The two and a half men that live in audiences’ pants will be laughing all the way to the sperm bank.