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Déborah François in Student Services (2010)




Student Services (2010) is a French TV movie about 19-year-old university student Laura D. (Déborah François), who desperately wants to do well in school but can’t make ends meet with her part time job. She answers a personal ad calling for “tender moments” with a female student; thrilled with the money and titillated by the sex, Laura D. soon stumbles into a life of prostitution. She meets a lot of men and makes a lot of money, but when she lets her bone work overshadow her homework, Laura D. gets in over her head.

Sit back and enjoy the boobs, butt and bush from star Déborah François as she (student) services her clients in this stimulating film. Déborah throws herself completely into the role, baring full nudity in five sexy scenes. Fans of furry Euro bush are in for a special treat, as Déborah’s furry taco takes center stage in the first minute of the film and spends much of the remainder free from its lingerie cage. Looks like this comely co-ed is majoring in le buste with a minor in la chatte!