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Fiona Richmond in Hardcore (1977)




Not to be confused with George C. Scott’s anguish cry, “Not my daughter!” as he watched his little girl have explicit sex on screen in a porn theater in the movie Hardcore (1979), an insanely exploitative drama about a father’s search for his daughter as she slips under the seedy belly of drugs and prostitution, a perfect movie for a time when American saw its morals corrupted by sensualists and the decadent hangover of the 1960s. Hardcore (1977), also known as Fiona, is the flip side of that coin, a heavily fictionalized autobiography of 1970s sex   superstar Fiona Richmond. It illustrates in explicit terms how a vicar’s daughter became a sex symbol. Fittingly, the movie is wall-to-wall nudity, and Fiona leaves nothing uncovered. She’s joined in full-frontal finery by Patricia Bourdrel, as her first lesbian lover, and Heather Deeley, as the assistant to a TV producer who masturbates as he films himself having sex with Fiona.