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Fiona Richmond in Hardcore (1977)




Hardcore (1977), also known as Fiona, is an autobiographical account of how Fiona Richmond got from Vicar's daughter to major sex symbol. Her first experience is in a car with teenage groping. One of her teachers does everything short of penetration with her. She finally loses her virginity to someone who ran over her bike, then gave her a ride home. Her father the Vicar walks in on them. After school, she becomes a stewardess, which not only affords her the chance to meet lots of men, but also results in her first lesbian experience. From there, she goes through live nude reviews, films, an illustrated autobiography of her sexual exploits, and finally writes a feature for a magazine, where she gives men all over Europe a "test drive," and then writes about it.

She is supposedly narrating this life story to a man repossessing all of her friends’ belongings. I have no idea how accurate a biography it is, but I do know she did stage nude reviews, appeared in several films, and wrote the columns described in the film. As a matter of fact, I read several of her columns in the 70's. Her stature was pretty much on a par with Xaviera Hollander. There is a running gag at the magazine where someone auditions one woman after another by exposing then fondling her breasts, and there is extensive nudity including a gyno shot in a stage performance.

Unlike a lot of modern soft core films, they don't stay with any one encounter long enough for it to become boring. This is a C+.

Nudity Report: The entire film is non-stop nudity. We see everything Fiona has to offer, breasts and bush from Patricia Bourdrel as her first lesbian lover, breasts and buns from Heather Deeley as the assistant to a TV producer who films himself having sex with Fiona. Deeley strips to her panties, then lies down and masturbates.

DVD Info: The transfer of this film, which is also known as Fiona was very good.

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