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Constance Marie in My Family (1995)




An epic drama of three generations of Mexican Americans and their toils and travails in the East Los Angeles basin, My Family (1995) chronicles a period in U.S. history that embodied the country’s greatest strengths and worst faults. During World War II, the "greatest generation" spanned the globe to ensure freedom for Europe and Asia. Simultaneously, racism and intolerance resulted in shameful deportation of native-born citizens who happened to be slightly browner than the norm. Not to mention a systematic police brutality enacted upon those Chicanos who remained north of the border, including many who had served bravely overseas. Of course, not all the ills of the barrio can be blamed on prejudice and heavy-handed cops. There was drug addiction, the violence of a nascent gang culture, the problems faced by ex-cons hoping to reestablish themselves in society. Still, the strength of the family is a constant refuge and inspiration.