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Olivia Wilde in Bobby Z (2007)




Ex-Marine Paul Walker is doing long, hard time when he's approached with a deal: impersonate legendary drug-dealing surferman Bobby Z and you'll go free. He's needed in a hostage exchange with a Mexican druglord, you see, and DEA agent Laurence Fishburne thinks he's the man for the job—he looks enough like Bobby Z to pull it off. Seeing as Paul's life is in danger after he went and killed a gang boss, he takes up the offer and gets prepped for the exchange. But it doesn't go well, and Paul goes and gets himself captured and hauled off to Juaquim de Almeida's palatial Mexican hideout. There he meets and woos the toothsome Olivia Wilde, all the while dodging bad guys who are after both himself and the late Mr. Z. It's a fine piece of action, but if you're looking for bared B’s, don't look for your pieces in Bobby Z (2007). There isn't so much as a slip of Wilde nip.